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December 10, 2015

8 Cool Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Phone Could Do

Without a doubt, smartphones were one of the best inventions of our lifetime.

However, the majority of people have phones with bits of software that they are completely oblivious to. Similar to our post on Cool Things You Didn’t Know About Your iPhone, there may be a few time-saving (and completely genius) tips and tricks that you can do on an Android phone, that you didn’t know previously.


Swipe to Type

One of Android’s greatest features is the swipe to type option.

If you’re lay in bed half asleep and it’s too cold to have both of your arms outside of the duvet at the same time, this option is essential for [...]

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September 12, 2014

How Cheap Smartphones will Impact Consumers and Business Owners

While the trend for affordable smartphones may have emerged in Central Europe, it is in the Asian market where it continues to have the most significant impact. This is best embodied by the performance of the Mozilla Firefox smartphone, which is the world’s cheapest handset and is available in India for just $33. It has already recorded considerable sales figures since its launch last week, with projected figures suggesting that the company may shift a staggering 500,000 by the end of 2014.

Featuring Cloud technology and Firefox’s high-performance operating system, these handsets are more than 30% cheaper than even any existing smartphone that utilises Google Inc.’s Android [...]

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August 29, 2014

What do cheaper Smartphones mean for mobile banking?

Like so many other industries, banking has been hugely affected by the digital revolution that’s taken place over the past decade or so. People now expect to be able to check their account and pay for things using their mobile phone but while UK banks are finally finding their feet in the world of apps and online transactions, mobile banking has been commonplace in the many parts of the developing world for the last 5 years.

Not wanting to miss out on this largely untapped market, Mozilla, most famous for their Firefox browser, announced earlier this year that they have signed a partnership to release the world’s cheapest Smartphone. Earlier this week, the handset [...]

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June 6, 2014

The most exciting smartphone rumours this year

Despite 2014 already being in its fifth month, there is still plenty more to come from an already exciting smartphone market this year. While there used to be just one or two major players, there is now a whole host of manufacturers looking to be the next big thing in the touch screen arena.

Smartphone technology is already increasing at a rapid pace, so it is no surprise that innovations and new releases are coming thick and fast. It is also a market that is growing, with Gartner revealing that 2013 saw smartphones surpassing the sale of feature phones worldwide for the first time ever. The technology accounted for 57.6 per cent of the market [...]

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