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The 6 Best iPad Games for Kids

From managing appointments, handling office documents, brainstorming ideas, providing quality entertainment and connectivity, to occupying something as pesky as your kids irksome behavior, Apple iPad covers it all. The scenario gets even better with abundant apps that are developed meticulously to accentuate iPad’s intrinsic capabilities.

There are many iPad games for kids designed to keep these perturbing little creatures busy whenever you need to run some errands or solemn commutes. Some of these games even help to develop cognitive faculties of your growing kids while others just keep them immensely occupied and entertained. Considering all these factors we have compiled a comprehensive list of 6 Best iPad Games for Kids.

Angry Birds Space HD – LINK

Angry Birds Space HD

Whether they understand it or not, kids always seem to like this one. Partly because of the simplicity and partly because of funny angry bird chirping. Angry Birds Space HD is particularly good for kids with its heightened NASA collaborated physics integration and information about NASA vehicles and Mars exploration missions. In addition to all that geeky scientific touch, the game is freakishly addictive for both kids and adults alike.

123 Kids Fun – LINK


If you fancy teaching basic stuff to your pre-school children, this app does it sufficiently plus it also keeps your kids entertained while at it. Study material like full-fledged Alphabets with proper pronunciations, numbers with right counting methods, words with meanings and sounds, shapes, animals, music and a lot more is layered with jolly gameplay to make the learning process more active, memorable and fun.

Sago Mini DoodleCast – LINK

Sago Mini DoodleCast

In case you observe a spark of creativity in your kids, you can analyze and provide a testing ground for their instincts with this app.  The idea is pretty basic; the game helps scribble images and characters along a storyline with embedded voice recording to put your kid’s brain to work while simultaneously enjoying the whole process. It is ideal for kids between the age of 2-6 and allows the drawings and stories to be shared with friends and families.

Toca Hair Saloon 2 – LINK

Toca Hair Saloon 2

Except a few pre-determined quirky characters there are no limits in this creative fun game. Kids get to cut and color hair into versatile hairstyles, which is both creative and addictive. There are various tools ranging from simple comb and scissors to a curling iron and a straightener that can all be used to give the new characters looks they deserve.

Pictureka – LINK

Cut the Rope

For a change, this is a game that is quite educational without being sold as a “learning” game. It runs on basic find-the-hidden object concept but with an educational twist. Players have to tap the objects depending on the governing theme that eventually builds up to entertainment with education. Themes like musical instruments, kitchen utensils and various other daily objects explain the gist of this game.

Cut the Rope – LINK


Give your kids a lesson in problem solving and maybe even feeding with this easy to play, fun and addictive game. The game runs on simple physics where the player has to cut specific ropes to maneuver candy into the mouth of cute little hungry monster. Side note; don’t feel embarrassed if you find it addictive too or if your preschooler beats your wits.

There are a lot more iPad games for kids in the AppStore  but considering the profuse categories and prompt end user results we managed to collect only the few of the very best. If you know of any better iPad Games for kids that beat our list, feel free to mention in the comments section.