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iPhone Photo Editing Apps

With so many great iPhone photo-editing apps all over the place, it can be hard to find the one that’s best suited for your own personal photography.

Although the cameras on our smartphones are getting better and better, they’re still not making the cut!

We’ve compiled a list of the best photo editing apps for any smartphone to help you get the best results from your own photography session… They’ll be internet-worthy in no time; we’re sure!



One of our favourite photo-editing apps is After Focus.

This app can help you break down the composition of your photo and blur our certain features that you don’t want to include.

You’re able to draw the viewer’s attention (and distract them from the bits you don’t want them to see), creating a visually interesting photo that is definitely Instagram-worthy.



This app is similar to Afterfocus in the fact that you can break down your images, but has many other features.

Superimpose is an app that allows you to mix multiple images within one. Say if you don’t like the background of a photo you’ve recently taken but have an amazing landscape shot taken at a completely different time, Super Impose gives you the chance to merge the best qualities of each photo together.

Although this photo editing app takes a bit of time to get your head around, it has amazing results when you manage to work it out!


vscocam photo editing

This photo editing app is a classic and is used by many professional photographers all over the world.

VSCOCam is the best way to achieve a classical film-like effect on your normal everyday photos. The majority of filters that VSCOCam have to offer are predominately designed to feature a soft and faded look.

With this editing app, you can alter the film grain and exposure of your photography, and the online journal gives you the chance to share your photography with other lovers around the world!

Touchtouchretouch app


How irritating is it when you take an amazing photo, only to notice that there’s a small mark in the background that doesn’t fit in with the theme of it?

Touch Retouch is the best way to remove unwanted elements from a photo by circling an area and cloning pixels from other areas of the photo.

This photo editing app is the best way to get a seamless photo, helping you get your photography up to scratch in no time!



Another great app for editing photos is Afterlight.

Afterlight is one of the simplest apps to navigate around as their simple interface makes editing your photo as easy as possible.

There are many textures and filters that you can use within this app, even giving you the opportunity to straighten and crop your image.


piclab photo editing

The most expensive app on our photo editing list is Piclab, which costs £2.29.

Although this app is quite expensive in terms of photography editing, it’s definitely worth it! Piclab is the best app for overlaying illustrations and typography over your images, turning them Pinterest-worthy in no time at all.

As well as adding typography and illustrations onto your images, you are able to create light and airy photos by editing the brightness and contrast.


What is your favourite photo editing app?