Travelling in England

Journey… What could be better? Probably only entertainment close to home that is a lot of fun and not so demanding, like list of casinos not on gamstop or watching movies at home. But nothing beats traveling, especially when it’s filled with interesting places, history and mesmerizing buildings. One such country is England.

Great Britain! Land of eternal mists and royal bohemia, home of Sherlock Holmes and Shakespeare, double-decker buses and authentic phone booths… The island state seems to breathe with aristocracy. An incredible number of museums, the Thames, Stonehenge, Buckingham Palace…

This country is always in the top of the world’s most visited countries and will never go out of style, thanks to its rich culture, history and traditions.

Apart from the famous cities the country is rich in natural resources – almost 10% of British territory are occupied by national parks and the so-called landscape areas (there are almost in all parts of the country). The largest national parks are located in northern England.

What travel options are available?

In order to visit England for tourism purposes, visitors can choose one of the options: a bus tour or air tour. It all depends on your budget and preferences. Choosing a bus tour, you have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with several European countries and the ferry across the bay of La Manche, to continue the journey in England for a small fee. Such tours include mostly visits to Poland, Germany and the UK itself, but you can pick up exactly what you need from five to twenty days of stay.

Lovers of a comfortable holiday in England fit air tours to the desired country with the departure of the city you want. So, a direct flight you can easily get to London and be able to give the maximum amount of time to explore the majestic capital.

To travel to island Britain, you’ll need a visa, which you can easily arrange with a travel agent. They will take care of all the organizational hassle, you will only need to provide the documents.

Now Britain has become accessible and open to tourists from all over the world, and the trips themselves are made easily and without any difficulty!

What is impossible to leave England without?

Stonehenge is the most famous European monument, which is located 10 kilometers north of Salisbury. This ancient megalithic structure was erected between 3,000 and 1,500 years BC and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mysterious Stonehenge is built of huge blocks of stone, called menhirs or megaliths. Its exact purpose is still unknown. Although archaeologists are inclined to believe that Stonehenge is either an ancient cemetery or a structure for predicting phenomena in the cosmos.

The Tower of London is one of the most famous monuments in British history and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This mighty fortress was founded by William the Conqueror in the 11th century and is one of the indicators of London’s rich history. Throughout its existence, the place has tried on many roles: from a grim prison to a palace, to a royal treasury repository. Now the Tower is probably the most popular tourist attraction in the United Kingdom and includes wonderful historical displays.

Tower Bridge is one of the main symbols of London with its beautiful bridge towers with old steam engines inside. This drawbridge was not built until 1894 and at the time was considered a marvel of Victorian engineering.

Big Ben is, without a doubt, the main symbol of England and the capital as a whole. It is the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster, built in 1859 and designed by Charles Barry. The huge clock dates from the same period.

The Roman baths in Bath date from the 1st century B.C. and were built around the largest of the three hot springs. The Baths are some of the finest examples of ancient architecture to be found in England.

Westminster Abbey (or St. Peter’s Cathedral Church in Westminster) is a remarkable Gothic masterpiece and one of London’s legendary sites. The origins of this structure, built by religious people, go back to the early Middle Ages. Westminster Abbey was built under the direction of Edward the Confessor in 1065 and was created as a burial place. Since 1066, most British kings have been crowned and buried here.

And there are also such interesting places as Yorkshire Cathedral, Canterbury itself, the Cotswolds, the Lake District, Yorkshire Castle, Durdle Door, St. Michael’s Mountain, Alnwick Castle and many others.
In between visiting the sights, you can relax in any of the parks or visit the famous lakes, and you have an incredible opportunity to visit the famous casinos in England or play slottica online casino even without leaving the hotel.


English cuisine is most famous for its meat products, such as roast beef, steak, and bacon. Also popular here are fish dishes and as a dessert – puddings.

Local food:
Cornish Pasty – a type of puff pastry that includes a meat filling.
Lancashire Hotpot – a hearty dish that includes a yummy vegetable as well as meat stew.
Pies – a meat pie.
Yorkshire Pudding – a pudding (usually liquid) combined with roast meat.
Full English Breakfast – the most famous breakfast in the world, which came from England (fried slice of bacon with scrambled eggs, rye bread and fried pudding (black) with a cup of tea and milk.)
Roast dinner (Sunday meal, in particular is prepared for dinner) – the dish is baked meat along with vegetables and potato slices.
Pubs are a great place to try English food at a reasonable price. But you need to consider an important nuance – in such places the kitchen is open until 21.00.

The traditional institution with English drinks is called a pub, the most popular drink containing alcohol is beer, which can be divided into two categories lager (light), ale and stout (dark). The most popular non-alcoholic drink is, of course, tea.


We can talk endlessly about the greatness of England and its vast history, but it’s much easier to travel alone to enjoy the scenery, historic buildings and to learn more about the culture and history of this country. In between exploring all the beauties and buildings, you can visit popular restaurants and taste the local food that will surprise you not only in taste but also in appearance. Travel and learn something new, all you have to do is go on a long-awaited tour!