The 44 Luckiest nations around the globe

Some are born lucky, while others acquire this luck through hard work and perseverance. But there’s no denying that fate also depends on the nation where you live. The geo-political scenario in a country is one of the primary key role players in determining the people’s social standing.

The luckiest people are bound to have numerous perks and benefits that sadly are not available for many countries. Let’s dive deeper into the list of the most fortunate nations in the world. Keep in mind that this list was determined after months of research and data collection by expert organizations from all over the world.

The 21 Luckiest Nations Around the Globe

This list will be a pretty long one; however, it is based on numerous key factors like health conditions, financial standing, opportunities, educational exposures, etc.

  1. Switzerland: The luckiest country of all. with a perfect 100 percent score
  2. Iceland: 91 percent score, lagging behind Switzerland financially
  3. Norway: 89 percent score overall, with great career and life satisfaction scores
  4. Luxembourg: High life satisfaction score with 89 percent overall
  5. Denmark: Great career opportunities, liberties, and safety.
  6. Finland: High life satisfaction score
  7. Australia: 80 percent overall score with a high safety and health score
  8. Sweden: Similar score to Australia but with an increased life satisfaction index
  9. Austria: Strong for personal liberties and health
  10. Netherlands: High scoring for freedom and democratic rights
  11. New Zealand: Impressive scores for health and life satisfaction
  12. Ireland: one of the best for safety and health
  13. Belgium: High score for health and wellness
  14. Canada: Land of possibilities and dreams with extremely high health, safety and career opportunity score
  15. France: Below 60 percent on the career opportunities index yet high on the health and safety index.
  16. United Kingdom: A promising country for career opportunities.
  17. Germany: An immigration-friendly nation with a respectable 71 percent overall score
  18. United States: Scores comparatively poorly for satisfaction.
  19. Japan: Aside from high health and safety scores, Japan lags behind Europe.
  20. Slovenia – Despite being poorer than other countries in the list, Slovenia has a good health and life satisfaction score
  21. Spain: Scores an impressive 98 in the safety and health category.