How to avoid being a victim of cybercrimes

Cybercrimes come in different forms: from online scams to cyberbullying, phishing scams, fake pharmaceuticals, investment frauds etc. The good thing is that we can protect ourselves from turning into victims…

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ReputationDefender Explains Why Old Negative Articles Still Impact Your Image Online

The short answer is yes, definitely. Google’s search algorithms tend to award older articles higher authority, which gives them the potential to achieve high search rankings on your search terms….

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How technology has changed label printing

It’s over 300 years since the first known label appeared, used to label small medical containers. Things were very different and much more labour intensive.  Paper was all hand-made and…

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Philips launches its most budget friendly portable home cinema projector

Projectors are becoming more and more important in any home cinema set up. This comes as no surprise when TV’s, despite their advancements, are in comparison a lot bulkier, not…

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Which industries have benefited most from the technological boom?

Technology has been a real game-changer in all sorts of ways. From the way in which it has given people the chance to enjoy more choice when it comes to…

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A Compact Tutorial to Crop Videos with Video Editor Software

Have you got some unwanted clips in your video that you need to crop out? Your video should be crisp and tight to capture attention and keep the viewers glued…

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How RFID is Helping Retailers Cope with Christmas

The lead up to Christmas is, for many retailers, the busiest and most lucrative time of the year. It’s the period when companies need to be completely on the ball…

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5 Ways to Lower Your Home Insurance Premiums

Tired of overpaying for home insurance? Home insurance premiums can creep up over time, especially if you’ve spent years buying insurance from the same provider, leaving you with a premium…

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Superfast, Ultrafast, Hyperfast – What does it all mean?

When shopping around for broadband deals, you will see a lot of attention paid to speed. Words like ‘Superfast’, ‘Ultrafast’, ‘Hyperfast’ and others will be highlighted or given prominence on…

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Consumers Buying More Event Tickets Online

Consumers are spending more on event and concert tickets, according to recent survey data from live music trade publication Pollstar. Ticket sales in 2017 were an impressive 10% higher than…

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