Top Tips for Sharing Large Files Over the Internet

You want to share files with people you know – friends, family – but you don’t know the best way to go about doing this. You’ve heard about BitTorrent, but…

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Apps to Improve Your Movie-Watching Experience

If there’s one thing that can upset a lot of movie-goers, it’s people having their smartphones out the whole time. The thing is, those devices can often be home to…

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The most exciting smartphone rumours this year

Despite 2014 already being in its fifth month, there is still plenty more to come from an already exciting smartphone market this year. While there used to be just one…

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Is the Driving Black Box to Become Mandatory?

We’re used to hearing about black box technology in planes, but were you aware you can also get one fitted in your car For many young people considering taking driving…

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Will BlackBerry ever make an impact again?

“First survival, then the turnaround.” That’s the message from new BlackBerry CEO John Chen, keenly aware that the situation is desperate for the once-dominant business smartphone giant. The company is…

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Could Video Games Be Helping Your Children?

Natural parental instincts cause an intrinsic need to better our children in every way possible, be it through education, worth ethic or simply morals. It is for this reason, that…

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Clouds by Karin Dalziel

How Cloud Software Helps Businesses Operate Quicker

The digital age has definitely made life a lot easier for businesses and if you’re looking to enhance yours, Cloud software could be the answer; it’s even possible to operate…

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Have you made the LED conversion yet?

Have you converted all your household, office and/or work / industrial lighting to LED yet? It’s surprising the number of people who still haven’t done so despite it being better…

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Review: Fonerange Rugged Android Phone

As people begin to spend more and more on mobile phones and the technology becomes more and more brittle and expensive to replace, there has been a rising number of…

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How To Optimise Your Laptop For Playing Games

Any enthusiastic gamer will already have their frustrations with lower spec machines.  If you’re stumped as to how to raise the game of either a low level PC or laptop,…

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