Super expensive gizmos- the playthings of the rich and famous: a comprehensive review

Obscenely priced gadgets are now available purely for the flaunt factor. Most of us would settle for two hundred dollar iPod headphones, without cribbing in the least, and some of us might be extremely happy to posses one But there are some people who have millions to spend and hence can afford to invest a few thousand dollar to buy precious stone encrusted electronic gadgets. Electronic gadgets are mainly used for the functionality they offer and the wide and multifarious uses they can be put to. Electronic gadgets, especially mobile phones, portable music players and other portable gadgets are used for the flaunt factor. One will generally flaunt a brand new mobile phone that one possesses. The brand new mobile phones and laptops are generally flaunted around quite a lot. Pricey gadgets score high on the flaunt quotient, but as it turns out people who buy such ultra expensive gadgets are quite few in number so they definitely have the upper hand when it comes to flaunting their diamond studded gizmos around. Electronic gadgets are nowadays available at unheard of prices that are extremely low prices. Prices of these pricey gadgets though have not plunged, and there are quite a number of people who despite the recession would love to buy such expensive gadgets. These people have millions to spend, and thus the recession does not affect them in a major way. For these people highly priced electronic gadgets are the norm. They love to collect and flaunt rare gadgets, usually studded or encrusted with a large number of precious stones. Despite the global recession and the recession hit economy a number of apparently insane people are intent upon buying these gadgets which reek of luxury. Case in point: Diamond encrusted headphones made of solid gold which are available for as much as a whopping five thousand dollars are considered by some to be an alternative to the fifty dollar headphones made of plastic that are widely used by one and all in the present day. A number of other extremely expensive tech tools are available, and this includes Bluetooth headsets which are studded with diamonds which are among the most expensive mobile phone accessories that are available in the market at present. A smart phone is available in the market called the Diamond Crypto, which is among the most expensive mobile phones that are available at present. This particular model has exactly 50 small diamonds lining the sides of the phone. Out of these 50 diamonds, 10 are blue diamonds which are really rare and hence very expensive. Even the button that is used for navigation is actually a medium sized diamond! This smart phone is available at a whopping price of one million dollars plus. Inn fact it is around 1.3 million dollars.

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