Mobile payments with Portaltech

Wouldn’t life be a whole lot easier if you could just use PayPal and make all kinds of payments through your phone? The process is likely to get a lot easier and you are definitely likely to find the process quite exciting because payments are made incredibly easy primarily because everything becomes available in your mobile phone. So ensure that you have the best options and a whole lot more when it comes to getting the best from what exactly is needed. Find out the best deals and options which will make the process a lot easier and this is exactly what is needed for making fast and easy payments.

Portaltech has primarily decided to pair up with PayPal so that they can help in offering a fast and easy process of checkout.Most of the customers according to a research conducted have made sure that they have all the necessary options on what is required. This will ensure that you are provided the best options when it comes to making payments and checking out.

Our QuickLive mCommerce app for the iPhone provides a mobile platform for retailers to showcase their range to consumers who want to browse and buy quickly and easily via their mobiles,” said the head of brand and retail in Portaltech, Rachel Wilkinson. “Key to the success of any app is the convenience and usability factor, and we wanted to ensure that we got the checkout functionality right.

“Our research showed that the majority of customers polled already had a PayPal account and that PayPal was the preferred payment method via mobile. In addition there are 26m PayPal accounts held in the UK. We couldn’t ignore this feedback and PayPal became a must-have feature for our QuickLive mCommerce checkout.” Another app for the iPhone is likely to be released soon in September.

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