BlackBerry claims number one spot

RIM has announced that it’s BlackBerry smartphones were the best-selling handsets of 2010.

Blackberry phones held 28.2 per cent of the market, beating other top manufacturers HTC and Apple.

Selling more than 500,000 handsets in December 2010, Blackberry took a record 36 per cent of the smartphone market in the UK.

Blackberry’s success has been put down to the popularity of it’s phones among younger non-business customers. The popular free Blackberry Messenger service has attracted many buyers, as well as improved performance on mobile Internet and easy to use email services. The Blackberry has the ‘cool factor’ as well as being a great phone for business.

However analysts have been quick to point out that there was no new Android phone in 2010, the HTC Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy S have both been on the market for a while now, but impressive replacements are due this year.

Analysts released figures this week showing that global shipments of Android handsets hit 32.9m in the final quarter of 2010 – more than phones on any other platform. Symbian handsets were not far behind, with shipments of 31 million.

Mozbot Team

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