Tpad Joins Forces With Nokia To Launch Mobile Voip Calls On Nokia S40 Mobiles

Tpad today announced the availability of an automated VoIP service that will setup a WiFi or 3G enabled mass-market Nokia mobile to bring free or low cost mobile VoIP calls to millions.

This move is intended to vigorously compete with other VoIP telephony companies such as Skype, Vonage, Gizmo5 and Google Voice by giving non-technical users the chance to benefit from the free internet call revolution.

The new automated service has been designed to remove the need for any complicated set up procedures that put novice users off VoIP calling. At Tpad, set up is easy and fast, customers simply create a free VoIP / SIP account and then they will automatically receive personal VoIP / SIP settings that will instantly configure their Nokia phone with Tpad.

Nokia’s configuration service is currently configured for Nokia’s latest S40 range of mobile phones that include 6086, 6136, 6301, 6300i, 6260, C3-01 and the new touch and type X3-02 model.

Mobile calls between Tpad users are free worldwide if the calls are routed over their WiFi Connection. All other PSTN calls from the user’s WiFi / 3G to any other landlines or mobiles in the world will be charged at the usual low Tpad call rates.

Tpad integrates seamlessly with Nokia S40 mobiles using the existing address book, so there’s no need to retype your contacts from scratch. Once set up to use a WiFi hotspot, the mobile connects automatically next time the phone is in range to enable internet calling.

The beauty of this service is that no special software is needed, as it uses the inbuilt software that Nokia already has pre-installed. The user simply picks Tpad from the pre-populated VoIP provider list and enters their Tpad number and password. This ensures that there will be full compatibility with trouble free usage to make cheap internet calls.

Steven Johns, Tpad’s Marketing Manager, said: “Tpad is at the forefront of the natural evolution of VoIP. First people began talking via a headset and PC, then they were tied to a fixed line IP phone device and now the next evolutionary step is Tpad mobile VoIP. Internet trouble-free calling has finally arrived on mass market Nokia mobiles.”

Johns continued: “We are giving all new users who sign up for a free Tpad VoIP account a free test call to the value of $0.10 for a limited period. This will give users the chance to experience the call quality of next generation mobile VoIP.

“For example, with this free credit you can make a 5 minute call to any mobile in USA using our ultra low VoIP call rates. Of course calls between Tpad users are 100% free all the time. If you combine this with features such as call forwarding, free local DID numbers, compatibility with any SIP device (e.g. IP Phone, ATA, Softphone) we are at the forefront of the new wave of VoIP companies.”

Using this Nokia service Tpad’s current UK hosted business customers can use their Tpad PBX telephone system from the “Cloud” – servers housed in highly secure, geographically redundant data centers, to benefit from remote homeworking and call features such as follow me and call forwarding.

Mozbot Team

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