The HTC Desire HD is also a modem

The HTC Desire HD offers use as a modem allowing you to connect a computer to the Internet via your phones data connection to get online. This feature uses the functionality of the handsets data connection combined with the USB connectivity to offer the internet to any computer which may need it. The phone is automatically set up to receive data via your mobile service provider through the SIM card when you first switch the handset on. To check the connection you are using you can go to Menu, and then select Settings followed by “Wireless & Networks”. From here select “Mobile Networks with a tap of your finger on the large touch display, followed by either Network operators or Access Point Names respectively.

To use the handset as a modem you also have to ensure that you have synced the phone via HTC Sync, which allows you to also use a computer internet connection to download maps and more, saving you additional charges. Your SIM card must also be present for this function to work also.

To use your Desire HD as a modem via the USB connection (USB tethering), first you must ensure your data connection is on. To turn it on, select Menu. Settings, Wireless & Networks again as before. Then once again select Mobile Networks and ensure that the data connection check box is checked. Utilizing the SUB cable which you are provided with alongside your phone, you can connect the device to the computer you are going to act as a modem for. On the “Connect to PC” display you simply select USB tethering and then tap “Done”. That’s all there is to it. It is a fast and easy way of creating an internet connection for your computer using your phone and its connectivity to the internet.

It is also possible to add further access points for you to connect to data with too. From the Access Point Names (APN) display select Menu and then New APN. On the editing interface which appears, enter the APN settings and then press Menu followed by Save to save all of your changes. You are now ale to use multiple data connections, which in turn offer greater access to the internet for both your phone, and a computer if you employ USB tethering. The HTC Desire HD is a compact device which offers many impressive features including a rear facing HD camera for video recording and photo capturing. Meanwhile, it also offers an impressive array of connectivity and its data connections can be used via the supplied USB cable to great effect, allowing you to connect to the internet via your handset.

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