EA President confirms there will be a Battlefield 4

Only a couple of weeks old, Battlefield 3 has already been shot down in flames by EA’s president. He has all but confirmed that there will be a Battlefield 4. Although nothing else was said about Battlefield 4’s release, but you can expect some improvements.

Battlefield 3 which is officially EA’s fastest selling game ever after selling over 5 million copies in its first week, made it two weeks at the top of the chart after its release on the 25th of October, but it is widely expected that the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will knock it off the top now that it’s finally released.

The game was released on the 08/11/11 and it has been predicted that 18 million copies of the game will be sold by the start of the next calendar year. There’s been a massive amount of hype surrounding the release of this game and it’s shown with the amount of people who were seen to have been queuing up outside 13,000 stores up and down the country.

According to Activision there were 1.5million people queuing up on the night of the game’s release. Obviously not all of these people would have turned into sales, but that’s a lot of people for just one game and that’s precisely why it’s the biggest entertainment launch of all time!

With Christmas just around the corner you can almost guarantee that the sales will continue to rise and we could see a record amount of games sold, who knows maybe even the most games ever sold, which would knock MW3’s predecessor Call of Duty: Black Ops off the top spot.

Mozbot Team

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