Dell Latitude E6320 Laptop – Review

The Dell Latitude E6320 is a rugged, ultra-portable laptop small enough to carry easily but large enough for comfortable typing and navigation. Targeted at the business market, this Dell Laptop works just as well for students, home users and many others. In addition to its rugged exterior and light weight, the E6320 also includes a range of little features that make it an excellent choice for professionals or anyone else who needs a reliable computer on the go.

One of the smallest Dell Laptops on the market, the Dell Latitude E6320 includes a 13.3 inch (33.8 centimeter) LCD screen and a backlit, full-size “chiclet” keyboard. The laptop itself is only a little larger than its screen, at 13.19 inches (33.5 cm) wide and 8.8 inches (22.33 cm) deep. This computer is just one inch (2.5 cm) thick and weighs in at 3.64 pounds (1.65 kilograms) with a 3-cell battery installed. Optional 6 and 9-cell batteries add to the battery life of this laptop computer, but increase its overall weight.

The E6320 offers many more durability-enhancing features than most other cheap laptops. For instance, this relatively cheap computer has a powder-coated metal base and a Tri-Metal casing that armors the whole machine. It also features reinforced steel hinges not often found on cheap computers, with a display backing made of anodized aluminum. The keyboard is made to resist spills and damp, while the extra-bright LCD display features a special seal to keep out moisture.

Vital Statistics
These ultra-portable laptop computers provide much more power than the cheapest laptops on the market, without weighing more. Buyers can choose from Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors, with higher-quality processors increasing the price. These computers come with a choice of Windows Vista Home Basic, Business or Ultimate; Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate; or the Ubuntu Linux distribution. The newest E6320 computers for sale come only with Windows 7.

These laptops also offer up to 8 Gb of Dual Channel DDR3 memory running at 1333 MHz in two slots. Graphics processing is provided by an onboard Intel HD Graphics 3000 unit, while hard drive options include a 250 GB SATA hard drive at 5400 RPM, a 256 GB solid state hard drive or a 750 GB SATA hard drive at 7200 RPM.

Like most laptops for sale, Dell’s E6320 includes onboard Gigabit Ethernet, as well as a range of wireless connectivity options. These include Dell Wireless 1501 and 1530 and Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300, Advanced-N +WiMAX 6250 and Advanced-N 6205. Mobile broadband options are provided by Dell Wireless 5630 or 5550 mini cards. This computer also offers Bluetooth connectivity for wireless mice and other peripherals.

This lightweight, rugged laptop uses either a 65 or 90 Watt AC adapter, with an optional 90 Watt DC adapter for use in vehicles or on airline flights. When an outlet is not available, users can rely on its backup battery for several hours of productive use.

Options include the standard 3-cell lithium-ion battery, which provides a special ExpressCharge feature to make powering up faster. ExpressCharge is also offered on a 6-cell battery. Users may also wish to choose a 3-cell E-modular Bay II battery, 6-cell battery without ExpressCharge but with a 3 year limited hardware warranty and a 9-cell extended life battery for long trips without reliable access to power.

Dell E6320 buyers who are interested in finding a cheap laptop for sale have a number of options. Many conventional electronics stores routinely have a laptop sale that can bring prices down. Online bargain stores can also offer good deals, but at some risk; they may not have a large number of computers in stock.

Consumers can also choose to buy the Dell Latitude E6320 laptop from official Dell partners such as ITC Sales, which can good prices and the guarantee that comes from partnering with the manufacturer. No matter where it’s purchased, though, this cheap laptop offers durability and performance that will make it much easier to be productive, even when traveling.

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