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The Best Ways to Store Your Data

Effective data storage is a pressing issue for all companies operating today. Being able to maintain access to documents, emails, databases, graphics and more is essential for the smooth operation of businesses.

Also, government regulations now require firms to keep and backup certain forms of information and there are pressures on enterprises to guard against increasingly sophisticated criminal data breaches.

The data storage solutions that your organisation requires will depend on the precise nature of your company and you will almost certainly need to use a range of systems. This brief guide details some of the most important.

The cloud

One simple and effective way to store data is to use cloud computing systems like the ones offered by ICT outsourcing solutions provider London Cloud.

These increasingly popular systems have revolutionised the way in which firms keep information. They enable you to store data remotely at centres located elsewhere around the world, meaning it is not at risk from disasters that may befall your office. Even if your premises are affected by flood, fire, theft or other such problems, your data will remain unharmed.

Cloud systems are also inexpensive to set up and they are highly scalable. In addition, they allow you to access your information from virtually anywhere at any time. All you need is a web connection. This makes it easier for you and your personnel to operate outside of your office.

If you do opt to take advantage of cloud solutions, make sure you choose a reliable provider that uses state-of-the-art encryption technology.

External hard drives

External hard drives are another option. These products connect to your computers by USB or other ports and they offer a handy repository for your documents and other data. You can choose between desktop-style versions that need a power supply and smaller, more portable versions.

Particularly if you opt for versions that are connected by Firewire, these drives operate at very high speeds, meaning it’s easy to copy large files to them. They are also simple to use. However, bear in mind that if these drives are stolen or damaged, you lose the information stored on them.

Network-attached storage

Network-attached storage (NAS) solutions are worth investigating too. These self-contained devices enable you to store and share data from multiple computers in a fast and secure way. They are also scalable. However, because they are an on-site solution, they can be vulnerable to fires, floods and other potential disasters that may strike your office.

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to take advantage of a range of data storage systems. This will help to reduce any vulnerabilities and ensure that you can protect important information.

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