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DropTheMap, use the free tour guide app ‘TrailTale’ (for Android and iOS) and bring London to life

TrailTale is a Smartphone-based free tour guide app for Android and iOS, featuring a variety of guided London walks accompanied by a combination of fascinating stories, images, audio and routes.

The user has the chance to discover the stories, histories and facts behind London’s hidden gems, just metres away from well known sites. Both locals and first-time visitors can discover a London they never knew existed. With a user-friendly, intuitive interface – that doesn’t drain the battery – TrailTale changes the way users interact with and experience London. No expense was spared to provide fascinating content, which is both accurate and accompanied by images of old maps and periodic pictures.

Guiding the user through the most interesting parts of London, each walk comprises of around 20 points of interest, together with an audio guide for each. With no reliance on a tour group, the user can experience London at their own pace, with start and finish points of all routes within easy access of public transport. There are currently 9 guided walks including covering the City of London, the East End, the Law Quarters, St James’s and Westminster, with bonus stops and trivia at particular locations along the way, for a user to gain the most out of their visit to London either individually or in a group.

All facts and stories along the routes are verified and true to history: using period books and documents, and testimonies from people present at the time of the event. Contributions are included to form the basis of the audio narrations, from historians including John Stow, Samuel Pepys, George Gordon, and many more.

TrailTale offers users total freedom and convenience, as the guided walks are available to be paused, skipped and played at the user’s leisure. The app is can be used online and offline, enabling it to remain active in areas where signal is less readily available. To achieve that, corner to corner walking instructions are provided for each point of interest.

TrailTale is available in the UK through the Google Play Store and iOS App Store and is compatible with Android devices 4.0 and up and iOS devices.

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