Are we entering a browser gaming revival?

If you look at any gaming website, then the chances are that they’ll be busy talking about overhyped next-gen console flops like No Man’s Sky, or trying to convince us that Pokémon Go was somehow revolutionary for getting us gamers to leave the house.

But rather than being endlessly annoyed by the in-app purchases of Clash Royale, or waiting hours to install Battlefield 1, there’s a growing army of gamers who are switching back to the simple fun of browser gaming.

Most of us will have probably spent a fair bit of time playing those basic browser games like Happy Farm and Mafia Wars back in the day, but thankfully it seems that browser games have really been advancing beyond such simple Flash-based gameplay.

Whilst the likes of Runescape were undeniably fun, recent MMORPGs like Might and Magic: Heroes Online show how the graphics of browser gaming has advanced in recent years. Although the themes of building cities, training armies and conquering opponents may be familiar, it’s done in a way that makes you forget that this is just a mere browser game.

But it’s perhaps the simplest games that show off browser gaming to the best effect. Games like take a matter of seconds to understand, but can be great entertainment through battling in real-time against human opponents in your bid to swallow the glowing orbs and become the biggest snake.

Even if you’re not into multiplayer gaming, there’s a browser game out there for everyone. Whether it’s the ultra simple physics-based titles like Super Stacker, or even some of the massive slots jackpots, it shows that you don’t need company to enjoy some of the best browser games.

What’s most impressive about the current browser gaming realm is the sheer diversity of options that are available. Racing fans will be delighted to find that TurboRacing3 offers a pretty good browser-based version of many of our favourite racing simulators, and the impressive CombatWars should appease anyone who wants a bit of military action from the convenience of the browser.

Obviously, as many of these browser games are produced independently there are a few turkeys out there. But whether you’re keeping in simple with the perfectly executed Flip Diving, or just chasing after that multi-million jackpot, there’s an endless way to stay entertained thanks to browser gaming in 2017.