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Football Scores App Review:

Searching for information on the latest football scores? The Football Scores mobile app from lists all the most recent Premier League, Championship and international football scores in one convenient interface, making it easy for you to stay up to date.

There are several football scoring apps on the market, each offering their own take on recent game information. Football Scores differentiates itself from other score and game data apps through a few interesting features:

Live Scores

One of the best features of the app is that it maintains a live list of scores for a variety of teams and leagues. Using the app, you can view popular picks — which lists the top Premier League and Championship teams — or choose from a range of other leagues.

Scores are updated in real time as the games are played, letting you keep track of the score if you’re out and about and can’t watch the game live.

The live scoring interface also records the amount of time that has passed in each game, giving you an idea of whether the losing team has time to catch up, or if the leading team has the time to potentially extend their margin of victory.


Football Scores also lists up-to-the-minute information on current fixtures, with upcoming games for tournaments like the Premier League, La Liga, the UEFA Champions League and more.

This makes it easy to stay on top of upcoming games and plan ahead to ensure you have time to watch your favourite team play. All fixtures include the date and specific time of each match, making it easy to add specific items to your “to-watch” list.


The app also includes a results tab, letting you stay on top of recent scores from just-finished games. As each game concludes, the app automatically moves it from the live scoring interface to the results tab, letting you quickly check the most recent match scores.

All matches are sorted by date and time, making it easy to scroll through the most recent scores and keep track of game activity. There’s also a country setting, letting you quickly switch from a view of English football scores to leagues in Spain, Germany, Italy and other countries.

Competition Tables

There are also competition tables included in the app, letting you quickly and easily check the position of your favourite teams within their respective league.

Tables include competition tables for the Premier League and other English and international football competitions, as well as tables for the season’s top scorers and other top-performing players.

Free Bets

Finally, the app includes a variety of exclusive free betting offers, letting you access instant credits to bet on your favourite teams, players or on a certain result for upcoming games.

The app includes a variety of betting offers, ranging from free £25 credits to deposit bonuses for a variety of bookmakers. If you’re interested in football betting, having these offers available is a huge value-add that makes the app worth adding to your football scoring toolkit.