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5 Best Action Camera Accessories

Action Cameras have drastically changed the way we shoot and record all our adventures. From a tourist just capturing photographs on their travels to a professional movie maker, the action camera serves all needs owing to its sturdy design, HD and 4K shooting and activity sensors.

But to ensure that you get the best possible recording experience out of your GoPro or any other action camera, you need to partner them with a proper set of accessories. We have rounded up a list of 5 best action camera accessories that should be a part of your toolkit.

Puluz® G1 3-Axis 5 in 1 Stabilizer Handheld Gimbal with Phone Clamp Mount and Tripod Holder

Starting off the list for best action camera accessories, we have the G1 3-Axis Stabilizer Handheld Gimbal by Puluz, a device that can turn an amateur photographer into a professional shooter. The gimbal comes with a studio light, L-shape bracket, microphone and switch mount plate adaptor.

It features a gravity sensor that allows you to easily switch between standard and vertical shooting, making it extremely useful for live broadcasting. The gimbal also supports facial recognition and auto-tracking, allowing it to follow the movement of the person in the frame automatically.

The gimbal is compatible with GoPro and most other action cameras as well as all major smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Huawei and OnePlus, among others.

Puluz® Universal Camera Clamp Mount

The Universal Camera Mount by Puluz allows you to clamp your GoPro or any other action camera on any circular or flat pole of diameter between 10 mm to 25 mm. The clamp head can be rotated to adjust your camera in the best direction for your shooting requirements. The mount can be attached to most bike handlebars, bicycle seat posts, ski poles or fishing rods.

Puluz® Underwater Diving LED Waterproof Flash Light

Continuing the list for best action camera accessories, we have the Underwater Diving LED Flash Light by Puluz. If you are a professional deep diver or just a beginner someone looking to explore the underwater world, this flashlight is a must-have. It can illuminate your surroundings up to a distance of 30 metres and is backed by a powerful 1,900 mAh battery that gives a long enough operational time. But don’t let the name deceive you, this LED flashlight can also be used to illuminate shots above water too.

Puluz® Card Reader Plus 20-in-1 Memory Card Case

Your memory cards are your most valuable possession. After all, they store all those wonderful memories that make you smile. The 20-in-1 Memory Card Case Plus Card Reader by Puluz is just the accessory you need to safely store them.

As the name suggests, the case can store up to 20 memory cards of various types. It has 3 slots for CF cards, 7 slots for SD cards and 9 slots for TF cards, with one extra slot for a card pin. The case can also act as a card reader and can be connected to any system through its UBS 3.0 port. To top it off, the case plus reader is water-resistant and is ultra lightweight and compact, making it a wonderful accessory for your action camera on your travels.

Puluz® Alloy Quick Release Camera and GoPro Clip

Last on the list for 5 best action camera accessories is the Quick Release Camera Clip by Puluz. It has a sturdy aluminium construction and can be clipped onto your belt to hold your GoPro or action camera securely while you move around. The quick release plate lets you access your camera on the go without fiddling around to release it.

The Clip with Plate is also compatible with most ARCA-type and Manfrotto RC2 tripod heads. It also has a bubble-level feature that indicates the slant level of your camera to give you more control over your shots.

This brings us to the end of this list for best action camera accessories. If you would like to see more accessories, check this amazing guide about 27 accessories for your camera.

Author: Pritesh Vekaria, Director at The Fone Stuff

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