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Consumers Buying More Event Tickets Online

Consumers are spending more on event and concert tickets, according to recent survey data from live music trade publication Pollstar. Ticket sales in 2017 were an impressive 10% higher than 2016, making the year one of the best for the live music and events industry.

It’s not just overall spending that’s on the rise. With an increasing number of consumers using ecommerce platforms to make all kinds of purchases, more and more concertgoers are buying their tickets online rather than through offline ticket agents.

With digital ticket sales on the rise, merchants are taking a number of steps to make reaching consumers and selling tickets as easy as possible.

These include adjusting to a rise in the number of people shopping from their tablets, phones and other mobile devices. Many merchants are also leveraging chatbots to provide fast, easy answers to would-be customers seeking event-specific information.

Other optimizations made by event ticket sellers include eliminating accounts, which can cause up to 25% of would-be customers to drop out of the purchase process, and using targeted ads on Facebook, YouTube and other platforms to reach fans of specific artists.

It’s not just concert promoters that are taking advantage of this rising interest in buying tickets online. A large number of conferences, networking events and meetups are using ecommerce software in order to sell tickets online.

Top options for ticket sellers include Facebook Pages, which allow sellers to reach out directly and market their events to their customers, as well as off-the-shelf ecommerce platforms such as Shopify.

Interested in taking your event-based business online? By combining modern software with an in-depth knowledge of the latest industry trends, you can increase ticket sales and make your event into a financial success.

The infographic below covers four of the latest ecommerce trends, all of which can be useful for marketing your concert, conference or other type of event online.