Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment

With India deciding to live the American Dream and continually trying to achieve it, there are many technological and modern developments happening all around the country. India, therefore, is no longer defined as a developing country. From 2020 onwards, she is hailed as a developed country. She was the world’s fastest-growing economy from 2015, and it’s in good faith that we believe it is still growing great.

With such developed technologies, money becomes the most crucial factor to be achieved and attained. However, with westernization in an immensely populated country like India comes cut-throat competition and scarcity. But there are doors to those problems, too. There are easy ways to earn money nowadays. With Covid-19 kicking in, the growth of India was halted for sure, not did stop altogether. Work from homes, online businesses started to flourish. 

The future upgradation of educational institutions and offices that were already in process before the lockdown started to rise as people began to cope with the crisis. Hence, necessity is the mother of invention. Everyone knows how to open any platform to attend a meeting or send files via mail/ WhatsApp. That is Digital India in the making.

Here, listed, are seven ways to Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment-

1. Blogging

Since the writers met blogging websites, half the world started following eminent writers on their blogs. Readers even expected enough to search for Charles Dickens’s blog. The point being, peoples’ blogs might be very famous, and they can earn a lot of money. However, it is a matter of time. A lot of patience is needed to propagate the blogs. All one needs to be is excellent writing skills. Blogging is considered as a hobby, too. Some blogging platforms are WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, and so on.

2. Online Surveys

What is better than to use the spare time to earn money? Many sites offer online survey jobs, and you can compare and choose from them. Some of them are PanelPlace, Surveycompare, Mobrog, etc. Here, one can earn money by conducting a simple survey. Often, the stipend is paid per survey submitted. When in the actual world, it is quite tough to earn from online survey jobs. It is very to nowadays to earn money online without any investment sitting easily behind the laptop.

3. Affiliate Marketing

This is another straightforward way of earning money. If the idea is constructive and the determination is strong, this can be the perfect online job. All that is needed are a product idea and the creation of that product through several legal steps. Then starts the marketing part, creating a list of people interested in the product and approaching them. The target audience of the product could be any age or gender group. The skill lies in luring them to understand the benefits and perks of the same. This job is available on websites like Naukri, Upwork, PeoplePerHour.

4. Freelancing

Another popular form of earn money is freelancing. This term is widely used by almost 30% of India and most of the world. It is a term given to creative people who want to build their careers thriving on their talents. Generally, the employer sets aside a lump sum amount to pay the freelancer after his/her job is done, or the contract is completed. However, for an online freelancer, he/she should post his/her works online and attract people towards it, aiming for employers to hire him/her under a specific brand name.

5. YouTube

The application that every phone essentially has and is a very significant entertainment source for the world, especially during the lockdown period. It is effortless to shoot a video of a probable event/ activity exciting and post it online. Create a channel via the existing Gmail account and upload videos. 

The rest is up to the propagation and circulation of those videos. These four months have made youngsters and even grown-ups a bee for the social media honey. It has become an integral part of our daily routine; therefore, it is not a Herculean task to share a video of something and make it viral. If you have been procrastinating about creating a channel for the lack of publicity, NOW is the right time.

6. Online Jobs And Internships

Through apps like Internshala, LinkedIn, it has become way more comfortable to hunt for jobs and internships. Most of the work, if not all, is now done through online websites or portals. Hence, it will be a two-way beneficiary scheme- the employer gets his job done, and you are paid. Creating a profile and a resume is all you need to apply.

7. Sell Stuff Online

Often, our houses are full of unused stuff, an old guitar that no one plays, a camera that is barren for months, furniture- sofas and chairs that lay extra but eats up a lot of space- eradicate. On websites like OLX, Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay, etc. accept and entertain products and product sellers. These sites work as platforms to meet the buyer, contact and authenticate their details and get rid of the items for a fulfilling sum of money.


Earning money, as said earlier, therefore, is just two steps away. You could also do so via PrizeHog. Pull up your socks, work a little harder, and money is already flowing into your accounts. Happy earning!