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How to Send Bulk Automated Text Messaging Using TXTImpact

Bulk automated text messaging is an intrinsic part of the sales strategy of any business. The use of media to corner the market is now the rule rather than an option. The advantage of using an automated text message is that you get rid of the tension and streamline your sales strategy with ease. The only thing you have to do is to prepare the messages and line them up for sending. The use of a good, reliable messaging service provider like TXTImpact helps you do this and much more.

Set Up a Sales Campaign

Getting in touch with the customer is the first step in selling for any concern. The use of bulk text messaging software helps the company reach thousands of potential customers and give them information about your new product launch or to announce a new discount on the product. The only problem you face is in compiling the list. To do this, use product exhibitions and flyers in street corners to get in touch with the customers. Once you have the list you can send your SMS texts and convert most of them.

Ease of Use

The use of text messaging is a low-cost method of selling with a high ROI. The increase in the Return on Investment (ROI) is because most of the text messages, about 90% of them get read within ten seconds of sending them. The only thing to worry about is to make the message interesting otherwise the customers will forget them even faster than the time it took to read them.

Push to Make Sales

Keeping the product and company in the minds of the people is the only way to get the sales done. People always like to make choices and will always have more than one product in mind all the time. It takes a little persuasion and a lot of knack to convince the customer about how good your company product is for him. You can send regular offers and update information about your product. This will keep the product fresh in his memory.

Get Customers Involved

Surveys boost customer engagement. It is not possible to take all the time the customer has and keep on talking to him. The surveys give the salesman the right opportunity to sell the product by highlighting its important features. One has to conduct mass surveys to get a picture of where you stand in the market. This is also one of the most effective ways to get the phone number of the customer. Commercial exhibitions and product promotion fairs are also good places to get in touch with the customer. It will take time to compile this list of potential customers. Then you can use the bulk SMS service to send them information regularly.

Bulk messaging is useful in many ways. You can get the official updates to your staff with a single click. Use the bulk SMS software from a reliable service provider. Check whether this software has enough features first. You should be able to send group messages of any size.

Group Messaging Technique

The method of sending messages is easy. After you download the software from the service provider TXTImpact, choose a group of text words. This group of words will convey information about the product or service you offer.

Now, find the best time to send the message. This is important because you don’t want to disturb the customer when he is busy nor do you want to wake him up when he is asleep. By choosing the best time to send, you will catch the potential customer in the best mood. This is essential if you want to sell.

Increase Your Customer Base

The second step is to grow your list. You do this by asking for recommendations and creating new contacts. This secondary list will have recommendations from existing customers and so it will be easier to sell to them.

You can also use SMS API software to help you send your messages. This software allows you to use pre-formatted templates to send the messages. It also allows you to use your contact list directly with the message template. All you have to do is choose the people in your contact list and click on send. If you have more than one template, you will have to choose the right template to send.

Set Time to Send Message

Since you can send the message even three to four months from now, you can format the messages in your leisure time and queue it for sending. The software will send the message when the time arrives. You can also attach files to the messages which is an interesting way of keeping customers engaged. Bulk SMSs cut costs and help in maintaining contact with your customer base. You can change a word or two and create new templates with ease. And, you may save the new template for use at a later time.