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Video2Post! A new app to convert any video or audio resource into a WordPress post, html, pdf or word document!

WILMINGTON, Del. – Nov. 13, 2020 – Ipsilon Developments launches Video2Post! A new app to convert any video or audio resource into a WordPress post, html, pdf or word document!.

Videos and audio resources (like podcasts) are a great way to convey your message to the public, but for SEO, it’s not good at all.
Transcribing a video/audio is painful and time consuming task and if you don’t do it you could loose public that wants to read your content.
Plus, including parts or cuts of the media to be able to export it into another format or publish it in your website, could require specialized knowledge and software.

Video2Post is a new web & mobile app that solves all this problems:

-> Automatic audio to text transcribing using Google best’s Speech-To-Text technology
-> You can select part of the transcribed text and generate from that, the video or audio cut that belongs to that section of the text!
-> Video cuts can be exported as individual video files, original file with time limits or even GIF animated format!
-> Take screenshots at any point of the video and place into the document
-> Import external videos, youtube videos, social media content as posts from facebook, instagram, google forms and more!
-> Export directly to html, pdf or a word document. You can also import directly into a wordpress blog too!

“We created a tool that allows anyone with the basic knowledge of using a word processor, can convert any digital media, video, audio, podcasts, youtube video, into a transccribed document, post, with ease, including parts of that media with just a few clicks.” – David R. Comba Lareu, CEO of Ipsilon Developments.

A 15 minutes video or audio resource can be transcribed and exported for about $3 USD!

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