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Five Best Software For Printing In 2020

1. Adobe Illustrator CC

2. FreeCAD

3. Autodesk Fusion 360

4. Rhinoceros 3D

5. Cura

1. Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Illustrator is a software application used for many purposes, such as printing illustrations, creating drawings and artworks using a window or MacOS computer. It is widely used by web designers, visual artists, and professional illustrators. 

Q-How to print a file using Adobe Illustrator CC? 

1) choose the file and then click on print

2) select a printer from the printer menu. Then select Adobe PDF

3) Choose one of the following artboard options:

  • To print everything on one-page select “ignore artboards.”
  • Suppose you have to print each artboard. Separately then deselect “Ignore artboards” and specify the range such as 1 to 3.

4) Select output on the left side of the Print dialog box and make sure that mode is set to composite

5) Set additional printing options

6) then, finally, click on print

Pros of Adobe Illustrator CC

1) It allows for in-panel editing-using this option, we can save a bunch of time during editing. It will enable us to work on multiple images in the same way all at once

2) It creates files in manageable sizes-It gets significantly easier while transferring the files because of the small size of the file

3) It works on almost any computer system-Although it doesn’t work that well on mobile phones. But it does an excellent job on virtually each computer system, be it windows 7,8,9

Cons of Adobe Illustrator CC

1) It requires a lot of practice since it is high-level, software so it might take at least 4-5 months to get comfortable working with the software

2) It requires a lot of space:-On using a lower resolution display, it might take up a lot of space

2. FreeCAD

FreeCAD is an open-source 3D modeling tool. It offers excellent capabilities to design real-life models in various shapes and sizes. It is best known for its efficient 3D printing training tool. This article from TechWhoop also tells you about advance level envelope printing software

Pros of FreeCAD

1) It comes with Parametric components to make 3D model editing more efficient and more comfortable

2) It can be used for too many applications, such as architecture and mechanical engineering

3) It offers excellent support in windows, MacOSX, and Linux platforms

Cons Of FreeCAD

1) The software offers limited functionalities. 

2) The user interface is pretty complicated. 

3) It’s 2D design features are limited compared to 3D design features. 

3. Autodesk Fusion 360

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a collaborative cloud-enabled design platform with all the features from designing to fabrication. It also works alongside our current software. Importing and exporting from fusion 360 is also very easy since it supports various file types. 

Being a utility software tool, it also does everything in one place due to which it is way too important. From creating 3D designs to managing data, it has so many functions and options to work with. 

Pros Of Autodesk Fusion 360

1) Fusion 360 is ideal for technical design jobs since it can work on the cloud with multiple users

2) It’s another excellent slow internet connection

2) Fusion 360 uses a vast amount of device memory

3) It can have better mesh editing tools

4. Rhinoceros 3D

Rhinoceros 3D is known as one of the most versatile 3D modelers. It uses NURB, a precise mathematical model, and enables the users to manipulate curves, points, solids, meshes, and surfaces in any way. 

Apart from this, the tool offers a vast range of design features to graphic designers. It is best known for being the most capable software tools for printing and creating tools for any sort of versatile 3D modeling. 

Pros Of Rhinoceros 3D

1) Rhinoceros 3D works as an excellent translator. We can add optional components and details in a precise way

2) It can be paired with a grasshopper to create exciting and unusual geometry for aesthetic or functional purposes

3) Best cost-benefit in the market

Cons Of Rhinoceros 3D

1) It has minimal sheet layout tools

2) Lack of backward file compatibility can be frustrating 

3) doesn’t work on Mac

5. Cura

Cura is an open-source slicing application for 3D printers. It works by slicing the user’s model file into layers and generating a printer-specific g-code. It is the most trusted software for printing by millions of users. Cura can prepare prints of the model with a few clicks. It also integrates with CAD Software for a more comfortable flow of work.

Pros Of Cura

1) It enables us to manage business risks better and also create a safer workplace

2) It also allows us to manage the risk of loss resulting from inadequate internal processes in a better way

Cons Of Cura

1) It doesn’t have online support

2) It doesn’t work on the mobile version