5 Common Vaping Mistakes That Beginners Make

Made your mind to stop cigarettes? So most probably you’re thinking about vaping. And that also includes the confusions that you may have in mind about complications of vaping. And to be honest, vaping is not that simple light and smoke thing. But it is not that complex as rocket science, and you just have to maintain the basics and maintenance to enjoy those satisfying and 95% safer puffs. For that, you just have to avoid the 5 common vaping mistakes that beginners do-

Incorrect Tank Filling

Vaping Beginners often get a mouthful of vape liquid instead of vapor when they inhale. This happens because of incorrect tank refilling. Beginners tend just to open the mouthpiece and pour the liquid straight into the vapor output hole. This makes the coil flood with juice and when they try to inhale, they just suck up a mouthful of juice, which obviously isn’t pleasant in any way.

For a proper tank refilling, you need to detach your empty tank bottom. Pour some drops in your coil to saturate and screw it back in. Then unscrew the top of the tank. Then make an angle and pour drops of juice just to let the juice slide down by the side but not on the coil. Fill up to your desired content and let the tank sit aside for about 5 minutes to saturate appropriately and then get your satisfying puffs. 

Burning out Coil

Beginners often run their liquid too low in the tank. That actually suffocates the coil. This means the coil does not have enough juice to keep the cotton in the coil saturated enough. And when the cotton is not saturated enough, the coil actually burns out the cotton and you are literally smoking cotton smoke instead of vapor. The same applies to when you refill your tank and start puffing instantly. Instead, it would be best if you let it sit for at least 5 minutes for your coil to be appropriately saturated. Or else you get dry and pathetic hits that maybe will divert you back again smoking cigarettes.

Wrong choice of liquid

As a beginner, you should choose liquids that contain a high rate of Propylene Glycol (PG). You can choose a max VG (Vegetable Glycerine) rate of 50/50. 

So you may say what if I use 70% VG?

The answer is, that will make the juice very thick. And having too much thicker juice will put an obstacle for your tank to get properly saturated and you’ll get dry hits or get burnt coils as mentioned before.

Charging malfunction

As an e-cigarette needs charging to function, there are rules for it to maintain if you want your device to last. Most kids come with manual off charging that is recommended with the device. So it would be best if you never charged that with any Apple or Android Charger, as they have very high outputs. At least twice compared to the prescribed amount of charging input for your vaping device. 

Overcharging your battery will eventually kill your battery. As batteries always have a lesser lifetime when those are poorly treated. If you overcharge it continuously, it will Cause Your battery to malfunction or even blast.

Unmaintained vape

A beginner is likely just to charge, refill and smoke his cigarette but not treat it well. But a vape is just like any other electronic and obviously needs maintenance. And it is prone to malfunction when not maintained regularly. So that may even make your device stop working. 

Some general maintenance tips you should follow are-

  • Clean your vape. Frequently clean your mouthpiece and change or wash the tank when refilling another flavor to avoid a weird mixture of flavors.
  • Replace coils as per your use. As you use more your coils are worn out fast. So replace your coils ASAP when you feel burnt coils.
  • Monitor your battery. When you feel your battery is running over quickly, it’s time to get it changed.

So if you are good with all this, you should have a great, fun time with vaping. And if you are new to vaping, check out these must-try exotic vape juices.