The Most Valuable Tech Innovations in the World of Gaming Right Now

Mobile gaming has made quality, handheld entertainment altogether possible and user-friendly

The fastest advancing industry of today is undoubtedly the world of tech. Its influence extends to every nation and market, transforming our lives in the process. For the gaming enthusiast, technological innovations have continued to change their experiences for the better as each year passes. Every new development is greater than the last, delighting both gamers and developers with next-generation features presenting themselves in huge, progressive leaps. Below we’ll take a look at just a few of the most valuable innovations that have proven extremely useful in the gaming industry thus far, and some that are yet to come.

Facial and Voice Recognition

The same facial recognition software that allows us to unblock our smartphones with just a quick stare into the screen may also present itself in the world of gaming before we know it. Nowadays industry leaders are predicting that virtual casinos may make use of the technology to aid in the quality of customer service as the more recognizable someone is, the better the site will know how to serve them. They’re envisioning it would work the same way for voice recognition, an advancement that has already been seen within controller systems where voice commands signal the start-up of consoles with just one word or less.

Mobile and Smartwatch Gaming

Perhaps the biggest innovation that has completely transformed the industry and made it more attractive than ever before is the mobility of gaming. In today’s world, users can access guaranteed jackpots online from anywhere and at any time with internet access/Wi-Fi or play thrilling strategy games like blackjack with a live, virtual dealer. What’s even more amazing is that this technology has even been extended for use from a device as small as a smartwatch. Developers are constantly on the lookout, figuring out the most convenient ways for people to engage in the games they love. Who knows what the future could hold for gaming in this respect. Perhaps one day the tiniest device could hold a world of entertainment opportunities.

Live Streaming platforms

A huge aspect of gaming for many fans involves streaming their favorite live competitions, or viewing pre-recorded, intense matchups of their preferred games. An industry gamechanger, Twitch, which launched in the summer of 2011, completely revolutionized this feature of gaming and now enjoys a monthly viewing audience of 3.84 million as of last year. The company has seen an unprecedented amount of growth as entire gaming pools of enthusiasts continue to rapidly expand throughout the world. The magic of Twitch lies in the community it has been able to create. It’s not just a platform for gaming fans, it’s a place where users can come together and share their interests, tips, watch live competitions, all while making new friends in the process. It’s an industry that also has many jobs attached to it, whether you’re interested in developing, e-sports hosting, live commentary, or professional gaming, the possibilities are truly endless. The site would not be possible without the amazing tech innovations surrounding it as graphic designers and developers work tirelessly to bring valuable, relevant experiences that make subscribing actually worth it. It’s one of the world’s biggest platforms in terms of increasing viewership. With incredible sponsors investing millions, there’s no telling where live gaming will be in just a few years.

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Popular streaming platforms such as Twitch give gamers access to an entire world of playing and viewing opportunities  

Virtual Reality

By now, everyone knows that Virtual Reality offers a gaming experience unlike any other. In fact, once you experience its benefits, it’s hard to look the other way and return to a less immersive experience. Because of their increasing popularity, developers of VR headsets have realized that their price tag may be a bit too high for the everyday gamer. This is why the market is undergoing a change, transferring from advertising VR as a premium experience to something more affordable that can reach a larger audience. One thing’s for certain: these devices aren’t going away any time soon and are positively one of the greatest, transformative inventions of the 21st century.