Tennis betting: types, features and recommendations

Tennis is a popular sport in demand among bettors. The bet amounts are calculated in tens of millions of dollars, and the tournament odds change at a tremendous speed after each new serve. A tennis match is a unique opportunity to watch the game and place bets. To get a win, a bettor has to take risks. Knowledge of the features of the game, analysis of events and a well-developed betting system will allow the player to achieve the desired result.

Types of bets

When placing bets, the bettor enters into a bet with the selected bookmaker’s office on the result of the sporting event. At the initial stage, the chances of the player and the bookmaker are equal. If you increase the passage of bets on tennis to 55-57%, then there is a chance to make good money on this sport.

Many experienced bettors use the services of a website aggregator (broker). It is an independent platform that brings together several competing bookmakers. By opening an account with the broker, the player is automatically registered in all bookmakers of the aggregator and can play any using one site.

Every bettor of the bookmaker’s office strives to find a working strategy that will be profitable and will become a source of constant income. In order to choose the best option, you need to study the types and features of betting on tennis matches.

Handicap bets

This is a popular bet in bookmaker, which takes into account the number of sets and games scored by tennis players. Bookmakers can use handicaps to level the odds in a duel between athletes of different classes. When placing a bet, the bettor must guess how many games the tennis player of his choice will win. The handicap in tennis can be negative (for favorites) and positive (for outsiders) and is divided into 2 types:

– Handicap for games. The better can bet on the victory of one of the athletes in a tennis match or a separate game with the addition or subtraction of a certain number of games non uk casino

– Handicap in sets. The forecast for the victory of one of the participants in a tennis match, taking into account the difference between the won sets.

Bet on outcome

The better must guess which of the 2 tennis players will be the winner of the tournament or match. According to statistics, this type of bet is especially popular among sports bettors. The lowest margin is often offered to win, as well as the highest limits on game bets. But it is almost impossible to find a large spread of coefficients here.


The total number of games scored by both participants in a tennis match in a match. The better can bet that there will be more or less games than the number offered in the line. If the number of games is equal to an integer in the line, then there is a return.

Count by sets

When placing a bet, the bettor must predict the final score for the parties. Previously, for men, most of the finals were played in 5 sets. Today, in almost all tennis matches, the game includes 3 sets, until the victory of 2 (0: 2, 2: 0, 1: 2, 2: 1). In cup competitions and in the Grand Slam, men play up to 5 sets.

Other bets

A significant part of bookmakers limit the tennis line to standard positions. Some bookmakers offer a wider tennis line. Betters can be offered to place bets on the winner, handicap, total in the 1st, 2nd and other sets, on the winner of a certain game, on the number of break-points, on the presence of an additional tie-break, etc.

Live bets

The main advantage of betting during the game is the ability not to wait for the end of the match, but to see the result a couple of minutes after the bet is made. Live bets on tennis matches are popular with bettors due to the frequent change of events.

The strategy of playing tennis live bets is significantly different from wagering on other sports. In the course of the game, bets are often made on the winner of a particular game. This strategy is suitable for experienced bettors who can assess the quality and nuances of the game.

Tips for betting on tennis matches

The task of a sports bettor is keeping statistics, pre-match analytics and event analysis. When placing bets, it is necessary to assess the shape of the players, rating and motivation, tactics of athletes, personal motivation, court coverage and weather conditions. Thanks to this information, the player can draw conclusions and develop his own betting strategy.

When making live tennis bets, it is necessary to take into account the psychological state of the tennis player. Even a strong contestant can lose a set or match by making a mistake during the first serve. It is almost impossible to predict the win of a game on someone else’s serve.

Analysis plays an important role in sports betting. Beginners who have not learned how to predict the development of events should trust the professionals. Reputable Cappers make money on the accuracy of their predictions, so they make informed judgments about every tennis match.

It is not recommended to bet on a tennis match before the match if you decide to make a bet with any bookmaker during the game. The favorite can be eliminated at the initial stage of the competition, while the odds before the start of the tennis match will hardly change.

You should not bet on an athlete who is higher in the ranking, but is not in shape at the moment. As practice proves, such bets with bookmakers in rare cases turn out to be profitable. In this case, it is better to choose the opposite tactic and place bets against the favorites.