The most successful Liverpool coaches in the history

With a record of winning a Premier League title and a UEFA Champions League, Klopp deserves to be one of the most successful coaches of Liverpool, according to Before him, many Liverpool coaches brought valuable titles for the home team. In the following article, let’s review the most prominent names.

  1. William Edward Barclay and John McKenna – Liverpool coaches from 1892 to 1896

William Edward Barclay and John McKenna were the first Liverpool coaches. The duo led the team from 1892-1896. During this time, Liverpool won 77 out of 127 matches. The duo helped Liverpool win their first trophy, the Lancashire League. They also helped the team win the Second Division twice. Both of them left the club in 1896. Neither Barclay nor McKenna led any other club after leaving Liverpool.

  1. Phil Taylor – Liverpool coach from 1954 to 1959

Phil Taylor is a former Liverpool player and played more than 300 games for the team. He retired from playing in 1954. Then, he returned to Liverpool as a coach two years later.

Taylor led Liverpool until 1959. Under his leadership, out of 150 games, Liverpool won 76 times. Liverpool did not win any silver titles but remained in the top four of the league in every season he coached.

  1. Bill Shankly – Liverpool coach from 1959 to 1974

Coach Bill Shankly was a Scottish footballer and the first Liverpool manager. He is considered a legendary coach of the club. Coach Bill Shankly has led the Liverpool team from a bottom club into a big name in English football history.

In 1954, when relegated, Liverpool struggled to return to the top of English football but failed. Then, Bill Shankly joined the club and brought many changes such as new training methods. New players also came to Anfield through transfer contracts.

Bill Shankly was the man who paved the right way for Liverpool. Under his leadership, the team achieved great success in the Bob Paisley era. And with what he did, it became the premise for the success of later coaches such as Paisley, Joe Fagan, Kenny Dalglish.

With 15 years at Anfield, coach Shankly always worked passionately with intelligence and strategic acumen. And above all, he had a passionate love for the redshirt team that few people could have. That was the foundation for a mighty Liverpool with four European championships in the 1970s -1980s.

  1. Bob Paisley – Liverpool coach from 1974 to 1983

From 1974 to 1983, coach Bob Paisley led 535 games for Liverpool and had 308 wins. Liverpool won 20 titles under Paisley’s leadership, including six league titles, three European Cups, one UEFA Cup, and one European Super Cup. Only two other coaches have won three Champions League titles apart from Paisley.

Paisley left Liverpool in 1983 and did not lead another club. He announced his retirement in 1992.

  1. Joe Fagan – Liverpool coach from 1983 to 1985

Joe Fagan joined Liverpool as their reserve team manager in 1958. He held that position until 1971, before joining Bill Shankly’s coaching staff. Fagan was Bob Paisley’s assistant before becoming the manager of Liverpool in 1983. Under his leadership, Liverpool won 71 out of 131 games.

Coach Joe Fagan helped Liverpool win their first treble in the 1983/1984 season. This treble includes the National Cup, the Confederation Cup, and the European Cup. Fagan left Liverpool in 1985 before announcing his retirement. He died in 2001 at the age of 80.

  1. Sir Kenny Dalglish – Liverpool coach from 1985 to 1991 and from 2011 to 2012

Sir Kenny Dalglish has led Liverpool twice. He succeeded Joe Fagan in 1985 and led Liverpool until 1991. During this time, The Reds won 187 out of 307 games.

Under Dalglish’s first lead, Liverpool won a total of 10 titles, including three league titles. His second lead was when he took the place of the sacked Roy Hodgson in 2011. However, it was unsuccessful as Liverpool won only 13 out of 31 matches. However, Dalglish still managed to win the 2011/2012 League Cup Championship.

  1. Roy Evans – Liverpool coach from 1994 to 1998

Like Phil Taylor, Roy Evans is also a former Liverpool player and played for the club for nine years. However, he made very few appearances as a player. After retiring in 1974, Evans became a member of Shankly’s coaching staff before becoming the club’s full-time coach in 1994.

Evans led Liverpool until 1998 and had 124 wins out of 244 matches. This coach helped The Reds win the League Cup for the 1994/95 season.

  1. Gerard Houllier – Liverpool coach from 1998 to 2004

Gerard Houllier became the coach of Liverpool in 1998. The French coach accompanied Liverpool until 2004. Under Houllier’s era, Liverpool had 167 wins out of 325 matches. Liverpool has gone through a great period in the early 21st century when winning six titles. It was the treble of the League Cup, FA Cup, and UEFA Cup in the 2000/2001 season. Houllier also led Liverpool to win the European Super Cup in 2001. Sadly, Liverpool did not win any Premier League title.

  1. Rafael Benitez – Liverpool coach from 2004 to 2010

Rafael Benitez joined Liverpool in 2004 after Gerard Houllier resigned. He led 350 matches during his time with the team. Under Benitez, Liverpool won 4 titles, the biggest one being the Champions League in 2005. After the bad 2009/2010 season when Liverpool finished the Premier League in seventh place, Benitez left Liverpool.

  1. Jurgen Klopp

Before Jurgen Klopp arrived, Liverpool was no longer a strong team. He helped the club to revive and return to its heyday. In his first season, Klopp helped The Reds reach the Europa League final but failed to win the title.

In the 2018/2019 season, Klopp was named the best coach of the year by FIFA with a record of bringing Liverpool to the 6th Champions League title. Last season, he continued to bring glory to the Port city team when help Liverpool win the Premier League after 30 years of waiting. More specifically, they are also the earliest winners when the season has 7 more rounds to end.


Above is a list of the most successful coaches in the history of Liverpool. Hopefully, the article above has helped you to have more interesting football knowledge