What is the Return to Player in Slots Online?

Those new to slots usually do not study slots games carefully, mostly because they do not think there is anything to study, apart from what is seen on the reels. Instead, they register at a casino, then pick the most attractive slot banner in the slots lobby and load up and spin the games with real cash – play Fluffy Favourites Mega Jackpot.

This is fine if you are a casual spinner who wants an hour or so of high thrills entertainment. But for those who are more serious about their gaming and even more interested in winning, this is not an advisable way to approach the world of slots. 

Why Should You Study Slots? 

On the surface, slots are incredibly easy to play and understand. After about 30 minutes of game play, your average punter has sussed out the intricacies of a slot game. This includes the wild symbols, bonus symbols and the highest paying symbols. However, there is so much more to a slot game, than what is displayed on screen and most of this is hidden away deep within the mechanics of the slot. Firstly, there is the matter of the RNG, and this is a computer microchip that generates number sequences that are expressed as random slot spins. Another vitally important aspect of slots is the RTP or Return to Player percentage score. 

RTP Explained 

If you think that all slots are the same, then think again. Of course, most slots play similarly but they are all different from each other. If you are a seasoned gambler, then chances are that you have heard of the RTP score of slots. This is the term used in the gambling industry to describe the percentage of wagering that a slot machine will return to players. To simplify this, if you bet £100 on a slot machine that boasts an RTP score of 90%, then you can expect to get £90 back of your staking cash whilst playing through your £100. If you factor in the house advantage, then you could get less back and there is no guarantee that £90 will be returned during your game play either. An RTP score of 90% is actually pretty low in the world of slots and only games that boast an RTP score of 96% or above, should be played by those who are serious about making some cash on the side. 

  •         The RTP score of a slot refers to the percentage of punters staking cash that is usually returned to them over many spins 
  •         Games with high RTP scores are the most profitable to play 
  •         Games with low RTP score should be left to high rollers 

Final Thoughts 

The RTP score of a game can be a very useful guide to punters who want to 1. Choose a slot that pays out better than most. 2. Keep a healthy bankroll that keeps them in the game