Staying on task: Learn how a virtual personal assistant can simplify your life

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, there are more digital and remote workers than ever before. Working from home is an appealing prospect for many people because they enjoy a better work-life balance, don’t waste time commuting, and can access a broader range of job opportunities. While households are becoming increasingly reliant on innovative technologies such as Amazon’s Alexa, businesses are becoming overly dependent upon personal assistants. At present, there’s a significant deficit and, to address the issue and not risk losing productivity, many companies decide to outsource remote personal assistants. 

A virtual PA specializes in providing administrative services to clients from a remote location. Finding the right person to put your trust in can be difficult, but not impossible. A personal assistant understands the importance of their responsibilities and works tirelessly to produce favorable outcomes. If you’re taking into account the possibility of hiring a remote assistant to help you with various tasks, ask your peers and see if they can recommend one. They can introduce you to a brilliant personal assistant, with experience in working with senior business professionals, entrepreneurs, and non-exec directors. Is it really a good idea to delegate tasks? Why, yes. 

A virtual personal assistant can undertake various tasks 

If you have a demanding schedule, you’re often left overwhelmed and stressed. Most importantly, it’s impossible to accomplish all the tasks on your to-do list. Delegate some of the tasks to others, such as finding a venue for the next meeting. Your assistant can help you out. A personal assistant can be scaled to your needs in the sense that they can offer full-time assistance or work just a couple of hours each day. With their help, you can focus your skills on propelling your business forward. The virtual PA will undertake the administrative tasks on your behalf, so you can spend your time on strategic tasks. Examples of typical responsibilities include but aren’t limited to: 

  • Appointment management 
  • Travel booking 
  • Research and reports
  • Meeting preparation 
  • Inbox management
  • Event organization

Some virtual assistants are skilled in social media management. That just goes to show that today’s virtual assistants have one-of-a-kind areas of expertise. It’s possible for a virtual PA to contribute to your personal life by helping you with things like booking a dentist’s appointment. Of course, everything will be handled from a remote location. 

How much does a virtual personal assistant charge? 

You’re probably wondering if a virtual personal assistant is worth the expense. If you consider the fact that a remote assistant frees up your time for high-value work, it’s worth the investment. The costs of virtual assistant services vary depending on the tasks involved and duties required. Just so you know, you won’t get this kind of information from a website. It’s recommended to get on the phone with someone from the company and discuss the details. 

The old adage “you get what you pay for” seems to be true in this case. If the virtual personal assistant services are too affordable, it might be an indication that something is wrong. Regardless of what offer you’re presented, make sure to inquire about the outputs. In other words, understand what you’re paying for.