Racers and their hobbies

Without any doubts, nowadays gambling is very common among all people of different stripes and sorts. Almost all famous sportsmen have an extremely busy training schedule and they are immersed in their professional activities. Racers are the clearest confirmation of this. However, they can still find some free time for themselves and take care of their hobbies. So, most of the famous racers prefer spending their leisure time playing not on gamstop uk.

The Connection Between Casinos and Races

As a rule, most of the true connoisseurs of gambling do not visit casinos in order to win a large sum of money. It is much more important for them to experience the intensity of passion that is raging at the gambling table, to be on the verge of a big and dizzying win, or simply to leave with nothing, to feel the circulation of adrenaline in the blood. This feeling is so popular with casino fans. It doesn’t matter what type of casino the player prefers (be it traditional land-based casinos or their Internet casinos), the effect is pretty the same.

Gambling people sometimes draw parallels between Gumball 3000 races and gambling in casinos, because in races you never know whose side the luck is on, as well as in roulette or other casino gambling. It is interesting that in races as well as in casinos adrenaline jumps to an immeasurable level on the eve of a win or a finish.

It is quite difficult to imagine whether your sports car will manage to enter the next turn at breakneck speed, whether you will become the winner of the race and your name will go down in the history of racing, or will you come to the finish line last and remain in the shadow of the winner’s glory, then the heat of passion in gambling is not inferior in its strength, because here another question is really important:

Will you lose all the money you bet or will you replenish your account with a multi-digit amount?

Famous Racers Playing Casino

Let’s speak about some popular racers who adore gambling and casinos in general.

Fernando Alonso

This great Formula 1 champion is a big fan of card tricks and casinos. According to him, this love was instilled in him by his grandfather, who once showed several tricks. Little Fernando was fascinated by this pastime. Later, his parents gave him a children’s set for magic tricks.

The Spaniard regularly improves his skills and traditionally entertains mechanics and journalists during the Grand Prix. He buys books and discs with unusual tricks, but does not call his skill unique.

He says that he is not a very good poker player, but he loves excitement. Perhaps, Fernando is just being disingenuous. Among the current F1 drivers, he is definitely the most avid poker player. Fernando actively participates in poker tournaments and regularly plays in the most elite casinos of the world. Before making his Indy 500 debut, he joked “I told my mom I went to Las Vegas to play poker.”

Robert Kubica

Several years ago, Polish racer Robert Kubica was not only one of the most active poker players in the paddock, along with Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso, but in 2008 he became one of the organizers of Pit Stop Poker. The first tournament was held at the Casino St. Vincent in the Italian region of Val da Aosta and brought together eight pilots, at the time Nico Rosberg won. And in the second tournament, professional poker players joined the racers, the game was even broadcast live on television.

However, in the last couple of years, he has stopped playing poker. “The passion and love for the game has disappeared somewhere, but that’s okay. I became addicted to bowling seven years ago, then stopped, and now I play it again”, said Robert.

Giancarlo Fisichella

Giancarlo Fisichella won that second Pit Stop Poker tournament with pilots and pro players in 2009. And at the end of that year, the three-time Grand Prix winner became the official face of one of the Italian poker sites. As an ambassador, he took part in several tournaments and helped promote this non uk gambling sites.

An interesting story about the game of poker in Formula 1

In 2008, in Hockenheim, a small closed game between races with the participation of several pilots – Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Rubens Barrichello and Fernando Alonso – turned into a large-scale event with VIP spectators. Bernie Ecclestone invited several riders who played in the Force India motorhome to move to the Paddock Club. The participants accepted this invitation.

Giancarlo Fisichella joined the game, as well as team bosses Flavio Briatore and Vijay Malia. The admission ticket for the Paddock Club guests to this game was 2550 Euros. Who won then remained a mystery to the general public…

The bottom line

Despite the hard training, all professional racers still find time for their hobbies. And it’s right, as a hobby has been proven to help a person overcome stress and improve their mood. In addition, gambling depends not only on chance, but also on the skill of the player. To outplay your partners in the game, you have to study strategy and tactics, and even the theory of probability and calculate mathematical expectations. All this makes gambling an excellent trainer for logic and thinking. And certainly, a person develops observation and becomes more attentive.