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What Is Adsterra Malware Protection?

Founded in 2013, Adsterra is a highly successful enterprise that retains an emphasis on the core values of quality, consistency, commitment, teamwork and transparency. The well-known adtech platform was founded by a team of professional webmasters and affiliate marketers who today benefit from more than 20 years of experience.

Initially a group of 20, Adsterra now has a workforce of 200, comprising experienced account managers, a highly professional IT department, a risk management and policy team, and many other skilled employees.

Today, Adsterra is a leading brand with a solid reputation, earning recognition among affiliates and bloggers as a pioneering adtech platform. Adsterra’s innovative solutions are powered by a unique combination of groundbreaking technology and human intelligence.

The mission of Adsterra is to connect publishers and advertisers of any size from any country, helping them to develop their skills, grow their capital and improve as professionals to safeguard their present and future. Adsterra establishes and pursues high traffic and service quality standards, sharing its extensive knowledge and expertise and introducing innovative products to contribute to adtech market development.

Advertising enables businesses to drastically increase revenue, but as with any ‘moneymaking’ industry, the sector has always attracted bad players. Adsterra works hard to keep its clients safe, which is why all of its tool and services comes with Adsterra malware protection as standard.

One of the company’s primary objectives is to promote transparency and security, both within the company’s own platform, and throughout the advertising industry as a whole. Deeply concerned about what is occurring within the industry today, Adsterra has produced a series of blog posts aimed at increasing its clients’ understanding of how to detect, fight and prevent scams and fraud.

The Adsterra platform prohibits a variety of non-transparent actions, including redirecting Adsterra traffic to malicious websites or sites that haven’t been approved by Adsterra managers. The Adsterra Network also disallows certain types of offers, such as pay per call, parent window opener, tech support, and any other illegal services, goods or transactions as described in Adsterra’s terms and conditions.

Adsterra strives to stay ahead of the curve in terms of security innovations, enabling it to promptly detect and respond to emerging threats, growing long-term customer satisfaction. Adsterra uses an automated scanner called GeoEdge to detect malware threats in campaigns launched via the Adsterra Self-Service platform, following up with manual checks by the Campaign Launching Team. As part of its manual fraud checks, Adsterra employees emulate real user behavior, utilizing a variety of different operating systems, physical gadgets, fresh IP-addresses and clean proxies.

The Adsterra security system implements a variety of measures to improve client protection. Adsterra’s ultimate goal is to eliminate all risk completely, and to that end, the company has decided to implement AdSecure, a powerful scanner that ensures elimination of a large range of violations including malware and unsafe content.

The time it takes for Adsterra malware protection to react to a fraudulent campaign can vary, taking up to 10 minutes in some cases, while in many others it picks up threats in as little as 30 seconds. Where the platform detects minor violations, in order to protect the publishers, Adsterra temporarily stops all advertiser’s campaigns and asks the them to fix the issue.

Adsterra only makes allowances for one-time minor violations, where the issue appears to be the result of simple human error. If an advertiser repeatedly breaks the rules, they are banned from the Adsterra Network, with potential financial penalties.

In the third quarter of 2021, Adsterra is planning a massive tech system overhaul, fixing minor bugs, improving internal security scripts, and enhancing automated performance. In addition, the company will update AdSecure to a new upgraded version, which has been tested for several months and proven to be even more effective in trials.

Since day one, Adsterra has strived to protect its clients’ security and safety, an objective the company is keen to continue. Adsterra is committed to ensuring that its partners and clients are aware of its activities. Therefore, Adsterra is completely transparent about the software it utilizes, sharing advice with its clients via the Adsterra blog and social media on how to stay safe online.

Staying on top means catching emerging trends and breaking through over and over again. Adsterra shares first-hand tips, guides and market overviews to help its clients achieve their own breakthroughs.