How to Choose the Best i7 Windows Laptop for Your Business

Finding the right laptop for your business can feel difficult with all that is out there. But an i7 windows laptop, or an i7 windows 10 laptop, can do the job. With its laptop i7 processor, you get enough computing power to get you through most standard business operations. It is hard to beat the laptop i7 for the value that it provides.

Step-by-Step Guide How to Choose the Best i7 Windows Laptop for Your Business

There are more than a few factors that go into an effective, efficient laptop. We will look at the device functionality, size, keyboard and touchpad, GPU/CPU drivers, RAM, physical storage, SSD vs HDD, and battery type. All to determine the best i7 laptop for your dollar.

1. Device Functionality

Functionality is key. The lightest tablets out there have most of the function of a laptop, but not quite. The tablet weight is often favorable when compared to laptop weight, but there are advantages. The mechanical keyboard on a laptop, for one.

You can also learn how to use a laptop as a monitor for extra monitor access without the additional cost of a monitor. A small laptop desk or portable laptop desk would go a long way towards creating the flexible, versatile space that suits you best.

2. Desktop is the Right Size

What is the right size for you? Do you know how to measure laptop size? What’s a good laptop screen size comparison? Know the size of the laptop display before you purchase. The laptop screen is crucial because it dictates how you manage items on your screen. Laptop display size comes down to personal comfort as you don’t want to get too big.

3. Keyboard and Laptop Touchpad

A keyboard with a touchpad is imperative, too. You might even opt for a mini keyboard or surface keyboard so long as there is a laptop touchpad. The idea is that you want versatility and flexibility in both scrolling and typing.

4. GPU or CPU Drivers and RAM

CPU vs GPU: the debate rages. You will find that you may have questions about the GPU backplate, what a normal GPU temp is, or what kind of RAM speed that you need. When it comes to having a quick CPU, part of the battle is the CPU drivers. Make sure that the device you choose has compatible drivers available and enough RAM to handle the plethora of commands that you plan to throw at it.

5. Storage Capacity

Storage capacity, which comes down to laptop storage and laptop memory, has changed a lot. There is no need for the largest storage capacity out there as even a laptop memory card can come with hundreds of GB of space. For the most part, any laptop that you choose will have at least 250 GB of space, more than enough for most small businesses.

6. SSD vs HDD Power Consumption

Your hard drive will become invaluable to your business. If you don’t know the difference, check out hybrid HDD vs SSD. An SSD driver is one that has no moving internal components, meaning it is less prone to wearing down or corrupting. With an SSD drive case, you can keep your important files protected no matter where you are.

The difference, other than construction, is also in power consumed. Since they are more secure, SSD’s tend to expend a bit more energy but the difference is almost negligible. If you can spare the extra expense, go with an SSD as it is the safer option of the two.

7. Type of Battery

Battery type is important, too. No one wants to have to spend for a new laptop battery. That said, your laptop power supply can wear down over time, even if you use a laptop power adapter for your laptop power cord.

Try to keep good care of your battery. Replacing it can be a pain in the rear and even though they are relatively affordable, it is still an expense that you could have otherwise done without. Sooner or later, though, your battery will wear down and you will have no choice but to replace it with a newer option.

What is the Best i7 Laptop for Your Business?

The best i7 laptop, or any laptop for that matter, comes down to personal needs. A core i7 laptop is a fine tool to help you run the day-to-day aspects of your small business. It is more than capable of the functionality outlined above with great consistency.

That said, you can’t go wrong with an intel core i7 laptop that has additional RAM and SSD storage, providing you with greater power and flexibility. If you can, a better graphics card can really improve the overall quality of the screen that you are using.

Advantages and Disadvantages of i7 Windows Laptop for Your Business

An i7 windows laptop is a cost-effective way to keep your business connected. A core i7 laptop is an efficient tool and can fit into any working space or setting.

The best i7 laptop, also known as an Intel core i7 laptop, has just enough processing power to get the job done in a timely manner. The i7 processor laptop has been around for ages for good reason. It is an effective piece of machinery, one of the best out there for the value.


Choosing the right laptop comes down to feel and specifications. For most small businesses, something that can handle a word processor, spreadsheet document, and video connectivity is a must. The good news is that most modern laptops come equipped to handle those things with little to no issue.

When you pick out the right laptop, you will be well on your way to a product business day. All that you need to do is ensure that you have the proper digital protection to keep your laptop, your information, and your business safe as you go about your work.