Know something about poker?

When you want to know poker terms the first thing you have to know is what poker is. Through this article, you can easily get a guide regarding poker and its term.

Poker is nothing but a card game. In this game, players bet over the best hand according to that specific game’s rules in ways similar to these rankings. It has a lot of challenging rules. The motive of the game is to earn money.

The turn of every player is coming clockwise. Which players are able to match the bet may again increase the bet and the game is over when all players have either called the last bet or folded. 

How to be perfect in the game?

Poker is not a tough game but you have to study it well and know all the terms. Then you can become a pro in this game.

  • You have to read a topic per week.
  • Make a schedule for learning poker.
  • You have to take any action with the new strategy.
  • Practice daily hand reading exercises.
  • Obviously, record the game tape.
  • Always focus on strategy.

Important terms:

By this process, you can study it well. So here we are discussing some terms that will help you in studying poker very easily.

  1. Ante:

Ante is a small bet which is contributed by all poker players that are able to give the pot a value right off the bat. Before dealing hand it has been required. There are many games that do not have ante and for ball rolling they use blind.

  1. All-in

The bet which can exchange every player’s chips into the pot is called all-in. When a match is going on, a player can not go to their pockets for more money regarding a hand and sometimes they run out. In that case, they created a side pot where no interest is imposed. But with the chips pot, they can still win the match.

  1. Broadway:

The highest possibility of hitting a game straightly by a player is called broadway. The term Broadway comes from the popularity of the famous Broadway in Manhattan, New York. There is a high-end building across the Manhattan skyline so the nickname of the hand is like this.

  1. Big Blind:

The big blind is the number of chips that the second player has to bet to the left of the dealer. It is a posted amount like an ante. And the amount is related to stakes. Before action, the posted amount makes the pot worth. A player has to place the amount in the bet without seeing it. That is why it is called blind.

  1. Blind:

This term is used for every blind like the big blind or small blind. If you are under a small blind then have to sit either immediately to the left of the dealer button and if big blind your place is one position farther left.

  1. Board:

Board is nothing but a community card. Everyone uses a board to combine their pocket cards to form the best hand.

  1. C-bet:

A C-bet is a small bet. The preflop made this bet. When a player makes it, they are able to continue to try to achieve their pot-winning goal.

  1. Cold Call:

A cold call is a process by which a player can call two or more bets on their turn. When a pot has been bet and it is raised before it gets to you this is called a cold call.

  1. Dark Tunnel Bluff:

Dark tunnel bluff means repetition of c-bet on multiple stages. This is a mostly used term in poker tournaments.  It is used in pre-flop, flop, turn, and river. When a player wants to keep betting then they use it.

  • Dealer:

Dealer is the player who shuffles the deals and the deck of the cards.

  • Four-bet:

Four-bet is a basic term in poker tournaments. When a player wants to re-raise a three-bet then they use this term.

  • Flat Call:

When a player plays slowly in a poker game then flat call technology is used. It is also called a smooth call. It is calling a bet with an above-average hand on which many players would like to raise.

  • Flop:

Flop is the three community cards that are dealt out when the first round of betting is completed.

  • Hole Cards:

In Omaha Poker tournaments the first four cards and in the game Texas Holdem the cards which dealt face-down to each player are called hole cacards.

  • Orbit:

Orbit refers to the whole circle of a poker tournament. By orbit, one can easily determine the length of the game.


Poker is an interesting game. If you come to know all the terms you can easily handle it and can earn a lot of money. If you want to know more you can browse this site for poker development.