Hire Dedicated Developers – A Guide to Answer All Your What How and Why

According to Milton Glaser (an American designer known for designing the most admired ‘I Love New York logo’) once said:

 “There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! Wow, is the one to aim for.”

Yes, a business that uses (or plans to use) a digital platform to grow and scale must aim for the ‘WOW’ factor, and that’s what you get when you hire dedicated software developers and designers. 

Through this blog, we will help you find answers to the following things:

  1. ‘The What’ – What is ‘hire dedicated developers in the USA’?
  2. ‘The When’ – Signs proving you badly need to hire Dedicated software developers
  3. ‘The Why’ – Why is Hiring a Dedicated Developer the Best Option? 
  4. ‘The How’ – How to Hire Dedicated Developers?

Hire dedicated developers in the USA – What is all of this?

‘Hire dedicated developers’ is a model where you hire remote developers and designers to work on your project. The team of developers will be working specifically for developing your website or software. These developers can even be a part of your team, work on your side, or work under a dedicated project manager managing the team. 

Unlike the fixed price model, this model is flexible, reliable, scalable, agile, and helps in long-term and short-term collaborations. Further, this model is also better than the time and material model, where generally a vendor manages a team of developers. 

Clear signs stating you need to hire dedicated software developers

If your answer to any (one or more) of the following statement is yes, you need to hire dedicated developers USA

  • Your current team is missing the latest skills. 
  • When your team lacks in deploying the latest technologies like PHP, Laravel,
  • When your budget doesn’t allow hiring an in-house team of developers 
  • When matching time-to-market, the target becomes challenging. 
  • When you don’t want to get involved in hiring and retaining in-house staff
  • When your team is not having the bandwidth to timely deliver the requirements as they are involved in other activities

Why is Hiring a Dedicated Developer the Best Option? 

Here are some benefits that you get while you hire PHP developers and dedicated software/web developers:

  1. A great pool of talent works solely for your project. 
  2. The model is highly flexible and can be modified according to your project requirements.
  3. It is more economical to hire developers than to handle an in-house team of developers.
  4. When you hire dedicated Laravel developers or software developers, you get full control of your project, and the entire process becomes more transparent. 

Check out how you can reduce the development cost when you hire PHP developers:

When you hire Laravel developers or dedicated PHP developers, you can save thousands of dollars. Check out below how:

  • You save the cost of hiring, retaining, training, and upskilling an in-house team of developers.
  • When you hire Laravel developers, you get highly skilled developers from various offshore countries who have exposure to handling diverse projects and developing robust software & websites for multiple industries. 
  • You save the cost of establishing office spaces, technology, and IT infrastructure.
  •  You pay according to your projects and individual requirements without getting stuck in any kind of commitment. 

How to Hire Dedicated Developers?

With many companies offering on-demand ‘hire dedicated software developers service,’ it becomes challenging to choose the best reliable one. Thus, we have collated a checklist for you that will help you quickly hire dedicated developers:

Step 1: Set objectives stating why you need to hire dedicated developers.

Step 2: Get ready with all the documents and mention everything with clear and detailed information/requirements – Product Requirements Document and Functional Specification 

Step 3: Find a vendor and ensure the following things:

  • Company experience
  • Reputation and market presence
  • Domain knowledge
  • International certifications
  • Geographical location, language, and culture
  • Pricing and previous experience

Step 4: Have a one to one discussion with your vendor and explain everything in detail about your project.

Step 5: Evaluate the options list of dedicated developers given by your vendor based on your shared details.

Step 6: Finalize the most skilled and professional developer that matches your requirements.

Tip: Before you hire developers or any other dedicated developers, just ensure to ask for a free trial. This will help you understand in detail the way they work and what they are skilled at, thus saving your time, money,  and efforts. 

If you are looking for a free trial, our team at ManekTech can help. Just ask us, and we will help you hire PHP developers. 

The Parting Note

Onboarding, a dedicated web developer turns out to be the best model when you have a long-term or a short-term web or software development need. So, now that you know how and why to hire dedicated web developers, why wait for anything else? Just hire a dedicated developer and get started with your web development project. Don’t forget to ask for a free trial.