Top 10 Cool Gadgets to Buy under $100

If you love cool gadgets then you are in right place. Especially for you we make a list of most popular and existing gadgets that you love.  But if a product is cool doesn’t mean it is also good in quality so be careful while purchasing.

If you love to hear music and audio then we have headphones and speakers for you. If you love fitness then for you we have fitness watch.

And for other people who love other new cool gadgets then we have also these gadgets. I have listed all the accessories which cost is no more than $100. You will freely read about product and get all products online.

  1. Trust GXT Fyru streaming microphone:

If you are very disturb at your laptop screen just because for sound quality then you have to invest in a better mice. This microphone is for gamers and streamers, as well as all good gaming can use this. It is found in sturdy and black with LED, you can also change the color according to your mood with push button. You know one more interesting thing is that in the cylindrical unit contain three microphones which is pointing in different direction, so as you want can pick like cardioids for recording voice and other thing.

  1. Logitech G915 TKL gaming keyboard:

In mechanical keyboard, a very different sound will be occurred like clicked clack while gaming. This keyboard is smaller version of G915 gaming keyboard. When you use wireless keyboard than it is more compact profile and need more space for use mouse. You know the key’s low profile contain light speed wireless technology; it means this keyboard is quick playing.

  1. Google Home Mini:

It is also another option which is very nice you can buy this gadget. You have to must search Google home mini on Amazon and check about its details. It is very helpful for you; it can control many devices, call family friends and check your schedule. You can make your home smarter with this assistant, make any announcement that will whole house can hear, entertain the kids, set a sleep timer and etc uses.

  1. Fit bit inspire 2 fitness tracker:

It is an awesome gadget in nowadays because due to this pandemic everyone to keep his body fit and fine so it is helpful to leading a healthier lifestyle. You can get this tracker in three colors, which connect to smart phone and easily track all health level like heart rate, sleep patterns and more things. You can use this gadget continuously for five days without any charge and it also reminds you for charging.

  1. 8Bitdo M30 Wireless Controller:

It is also a good gadget. 8Bitdo always make many wireless gamepads like wireless super Nintendo pads, turbografx, NES pads which can connect through Bluetooth with your computer or phone. Elite control will contain all piece of controller like vibration control, customize button mapping, trigger sensitivity, adjust stick and make macros with using any button combination. You can also make a controller profile and connect between them at any time as you want.

  1. VonShef electric grill:

It is very helpful and amazing gadgets which can help you more. You know this time weather is changing and we can’t meet people so you can bring barbeque from the use of VonShef electric grill and upgrade your home cooking. If you are foodie then it becomes very useful for you, for making vegetables and meat which is healthier also.

  1. Jabra Elite 65t wireless ear buds:

Wireless ear buds are very awesome and useful. When it comes in market then it disrupted traditional headphone which contains wire is very difficult to carry and got missing. But wireless ear buds are very easy to use it doesn’t contain wire so chance of missing is decreases. You can also give another person as gift, it can use for five hours. Wireless buds contain better range motion, memory and connectivity to a many type of devices.

  1. Anker Power core charger :

It is also awesome gadgets that you can buy under your budget. A person who always works on the road, festival and travel then they need some extra battery and they have no option except power bank which can charge their phone for work so it is very essential gadgets. You know Anker power core contain 26800mAh battery and can do rapid mobile charge also contain three USB ports.

  1. Shoulder massager:

You know it is also very good gadget for you and can for gift also under budget. It is a heat cushions that fir around your shoulders and neck for quick relief of tired muscles, stress, tightness in shoulder muscles and tension.  It also increases temperature of muscles to keep good circulation of blood flow. When you are working 24/7 in front of pc in office and doing other work then it is very beneficial. You don’t need another person to take help.

  1. Wireless Travel Router:

If you are a photographer who like to takes many picture and want to back up in local media but forgot to carry your laptop than this gadget is very beneficial for you. You think about to buy SSD and spent $500 but it not beneficial for you. Instead of this you can use RavPower’s file hub which is a single click backup option without SSD. It will connect to your phone by using wifi and work like an app.