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5 of the best gadgets for work vans

Whether you’re a courier, dog walker, kitchen fitter or florist, your van is essential to your everyday business. For many van drivers, they want a stress-free drive with an added layer of protection. If you’re leasing or have taken out van finance, you will want to keep your van in the best condition possible! There are thousands of gadgets on the market to improve your driving experience whilst on the road and we know how busy life can be so we’ve compiled a list of the best gadgets for your work van, so you don’t have to!


1.    Olixar Magnetic Windscreen and dash mount

Many van drivers require a dash mount to make their journey a little easier. As a tradesman or courier, using your phone as a sat nav or for hands-free driving can be essential. The Olixar magnetic Windscreen and dash mount is one of the best on the market. It costs around £10 to buy and can stick solidly to the dash or the screen. It can even take on the bumpiest of roads with confidence! It has an ultra-reliable suction lock clamp that has unbeatable strength! Use your mobile phone as a satnav, in either landscape or portrait mode and set it up in seconds on any dashboard. The holder is also compatible with any phone model and is guaranteed to fit any device.


2.    Nextbase 622GW Dashcam

The Nextbase 622GW Dashcam is one of the best car tech gadgets on the market today! the popularity of drivers using a dashcam is on the rise. Dashcams can reduce your insurance premiums, encourage safe driving, and record evidence of any accidents or incidents. The quality of the Nextbase 622GW footage can rival that of some of the latest smartphones with 40k video recording at 30fps! It automatically detects light levels and can also record in slow motion. It’s one of the first dashcams on the market that has Alexa built in and can act as an Alexa speaker in your car. You can then use different commands to operate the camera or play your favourite Spotify playlist!


3.    Stoplock

Keep the contents of your van safe with a Stoplock! This device is fitted to either rear or sliding side doors and add an extra level of security to your van. It’s a great tool for anyone with weak or vulnerable lock systems. These devices link the two doors together and make it difficult for thieves to pry the doors open. The lock can be opened easily with a key by the user.


4.    Van Vault XL Storage Box

In the unlikely event that someone gains access to your van, you want to make sure that your tools and equipment are safe too. The Van Vault XL is accredited by the UK’s official police initiative, Secure By Design, which aims to improve the security of your products and reduce theft and damage. The storage box is protected by Shielded Vault Lock which sits deep within the body of the box and protects against drilling, cutting, and picking of the box. The tough build flush front lid protects against attacks with jacks or crow bars too, making it the ultimate safety box.

5.    Rhino SafeClamp Ladder protection

Many van drivers will also require a ladder to get their daily jobs completed. Stealing ladders from vans is a common type of theft in the UK. Keep your ladders safe with the Rhino SafeClamp. A key is required to unlock the clamp and it enables ladders to be securely fitted to the roof with a lockable clamp. The structure and stainless-steel anchor hook is string and corrosion resistant. The operation is also 5x quicker than traditional screw down ladder clamps!