‘Tis the Season: 6 Ways to Get Your Website Ready for Holiday Shoppers

The holiday season means people are saving up and scouting shops for suitable Christmas presents. This also translates to more profitable traffic coming into your e-commerce website. That said, you need to ensure that your site is ready to deliver to your customers this coming holiday season.

As the year-end is fast approaching, we’ve put together a quick guide that will help you optimize your site for the upcoming shopping season.

Incorporate holiday cheer in your branding

Rather than visiting some stores and looking for the best offers in town, shoppers will once again go online for their purchases. That’s why your branding should showcase not only your brand values but also your brand’s personality.

If you want to bring Christmas cheer to your customers, you have to make slight changes in your branding. This is to reflect the upcoming holiday season. You can start altering a couple of elements in your site, and don’t forget to be creative!

  • Background
  • Logo icons
  • Banners
  • Promo images

There are also other elements that you might want to consider. Just make sure to keep the copy straight and stick to what you want to promote. Use a simple yet effective design and try experimenting with bold background colors and playful typography styles.

Don’t forget to showcase your holiday products and sales. You can also use a distinct call to action to draw more people in with your holiday promotions.

Optimize site speed and performance

Expect your site to be bombarded with traffic this upcoming holiday season. Usually, most of that traffic will come from customers on mobile devices that are in a hurry.

If you have a slow-loading site, people won’t have the patience to stick around. They’ll simply leave and move on to another site that loads faster.

Keep in mind that your conversions can have a 7% reduction for every one-second delay. That’s why you must ensure that your site is loading at an optimal speed to cater to holiday visitors.

You can also use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to know your site scores on loading time. Not only will this tool tell how fast or slow your site is, but it also gives tips on how you can significantly improve your loading time.

Craft holiday-inspired calls-to-action

Since prospects are already doing their holiday shopping, all you need is the right push to entice them to click the buy button. You can do this effectively with your CTAs. All you need to do is add some festive content adding that sense of urgency for them to purchase.

You can resonate with your customers with the help of holiday-inspired CTAs. It also brings them into a cheerful spirit, making it easy for you to coax them to shop on your online store. By doing so, you can quickly sell products online and let your customers support your business.

Design holiday-themed landing pages

Not only will you need to drive customers to your site, but you also need to set the holiday shopping mood for your customers.

Thus, a great way to draw customers to a particular product or service is to develop a unique and engaging landing page dedicated to it.

You can make your landing page unique by staying true to your brand messaging. You can also add a touch of striking holiday imagery and copy. To make that happen, though, you can choose to work with a UX/UI designer like Michelle Dipp.

That way, you can develop a holiday landing page that does not veer far away from your brand identity.

Use a gift finder tool

A gift finder tool makes it easy for shoppers to look for ideal presents to give to their friends and family.

You can also set a new product category for holiday gift ideas. That way, customers can quickly narrow down their options and speed up their checkout process.

Usually, the best tools out there will genuinely help users, even giving them practical ideas on presents. Adding enough filters to give decent yet manageable product recommendations is essential.

Review your checkout process

Your checkout process can either make or break your company’s performance this busy retail season.

Therefore, it helps that you review your checkout process. Look for improvements that you can implement this upcoming holiday.

You should carry out a bit of user testing as well. Make sure that you review your analytics, as well as any feedback from your customers.

By doing so, you can look for any critical areas for improvement. Even at a late stage, there’s still time for you to gather insights and make necessary changes to enhance your site’s performance.

Over to You

The six web design tips listed above can help make your online store ready for the upcoming holidays. This includes preparing to welcome the swarms of customers who are ready to bring out their wallets and buy a meaningful gift for their loved ones.

By applying these tips, you’ll be able to attract more shoppers to your online store. That way, you can entice them with holiday deals and ensure that you get your piece of the pie this joyful season.