Smart Gadgets That Will Make Your Everyday Life Easier

Pause for a minute and think about all the little household problems you have to deal with every day. You definitely know the ones we’re talking about. Things such as accidentally setting off the smoke detector while cooking to never being able to find the TV remote.

Of course, these problems could be solved by changing day-to-day habits, but that’s just a lot of work at the end of the day. Plus, let’s be honest, no one’s that diligent enough to place the remote in the very same place as the previous day.

There are several little issues that are recurrent around the house, and we’re here to tell you that there’s a way out, which is smart home technology. Smart gadgets have the capability of solving everyday problems, such as forgetting to close the garage door to leaving the lights on.

Here are some of our favorite smart gadgets that will inevitably make your everyday life easier.

Smart Smoke Detector

The next time you burn your steak, you’ll be glad to have installed a smart smoke detector in your kitchen. For instance, the Nest Protects smart smoke detector is one of the best voted smart detectors.

If there’s enough amount of smoke to trigger its emergency alarm, you can easily silence it from your phone through the Nest app. In other words, you no longer have to climb to silence your smoke detector.

Instead of an alarm tone, some smart smoke detectors alert you via voice if there’s smoke, fire, or leakage of carbon monoxide within your home. This smart gadget can also be accessed remotely.

Smart Lock

Every house has a number of doors that have locks on them. Meaning, you probably have a bunch of keys to hang onto all the time. Moreover, when you’re back home late and unable to find your keys in your tote in the middle of the night, you’re bound to be concerned for your safety.

Therefore, it’s smart to invest in a good smart lock. This will also reduce the probability of you losing your keys again, and this smart technology offers a level of modern convenience that won’t be found elsewhere.

Smart locks give you the ability to unlock the door via their app on your smartphone. Smart locks are very similar to smart video camera doorbells. For instance, if you have a housekeeper who comes in every other day, but you’re not home to receive them, you can either give them a temporary password for your smart lock or simply unlock the door through your smartphone.

Smart Plug

We can all agree on the fact that we’ve at some point forgotten to turn off our curlers or hair straighteners. In such situations, a lot of electricity is consumed, and apart from that, it’s also a major fire hazard.

But, we have a solution for you: smart plugs. Smart plug allows you to create a schedule in which the smart plug automatically turns off the bathroom accessories. In fact, you can also manage your smart plug via their apps.

Smart plugs not only save energy but also give you peace of mind.

Smart Hub

Today almost every TV has 2 remotes: Cable TV and Smart TV remote. And believe it or not, it’s very common to have at least one of them missing at all times. Does this sound familiar to you? Because it’s a tragedy in every other household.

If this is the case, a smart home hub, through which your smartphone then becomes a universal remote for all home entertainment devices such as your speakers, TV, and etc. Moreover, you can integrate the smart Hub with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to manage your TV through voice commands.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Let’s be honest here. Do you diligently vacuum under the bed or couch every time you clean the house? Because no one really is this diligent all the time. If this is so, then you should expect to see a lot of dirt accumulated under your furniture.

Robot vacuum cleaners may be on the expensive side of smart devices but it’s worth it. For instance, the iRobot Roomba i7+ has a charging base that suctions the dirt out of the bin into one of its sealable bags.

It comes with several amazing smart features. Moreover, it has the ability to hold 10 grams of debris and further creates a virtual map of the house. In other words, it makes sure that every corner of the home gets thoroughly cleaned.


Smart home technology’s aim is to provide you with as much ease and convenience as possible, and the smart gadget mentioned earlier, has the ability to bring a positive change into your day-to-day life!