How Is Virtual Reality Technology Helpful To Buyers in Choosing A Log Cabin?

Log cabins are versatile for any outdoor space. It offers extra space for entertainment, leisure, or work. They are a stylish feature of a garden. It offers the same potential that an extension can offer, but at a fraction of home renovation cost.

As summer is approaching, you are thinking about adding a garden log cabin outdoor. It can be a good space for everyone to spend some quality time together. As you have some issues moving physically to check out the log cabins, it is sensible to do it via a virtual reality showroom online.

VR technology creates a 3D environment or image, which you can interact with. Users gain a stimulating experience that is similar or different from the real world. In the ongoing COVID-19 situation people are concerned about going out even to the nearby mall or grocery store. However, staying locked for a couple of years has caused frustration for elders and children alike. So, buying a garden summer log cabin is a good plan.

Homeowners residing in the UK can visit Summerhouse 24 website. The company has launched an interactive VR showroom that is beneficial to sellers and buyers of garden log cabins.

Benefits of virtual tours for buyers of log cabins

Saves time & money

Buyers can search and review the log cabins in no time. There is no need to spend hours and days visiting different log cabin sellers. Just wear a device [VR headset] sitting in your home and start your tour.

The fuel spent in traveling is saved, especially if you reside miles away or across the country from the log cabin manufacturers. Besides traveling expenses, you save the effort and time in visiting several garden log cabin sellers.


VR offers relief because buyers don’t need to leave their homes and in this lockdown, they get a chance to visit their dream log cabin virtually. In minutes, they can view several log cabins virtually even in the middle of the night from anywhere. No concerns, whether the log cabin store is open or close or you are in another state. No time zone or geo-location restriction for log cabin buyers to visit the virtual showroom.

Emotional connection 

When buyers visit physically to see the log cabins they cannot connect with them emotionally. So, they hesitate to decide but explore freely to interact with the space. VR tours offer an immersive and realistic presence. They make the viewers feel as if they are within the space moving around. VR helps the buyer to choose a log cabin that invokes a feeling of ownership.

3D architectural visualisation

The experience of the garden log cabin coming alive in your known surrounding helps make an informed decision. Buyers can modify and tweak their future log cabin. Choose different accessories and furniture from online stores to include in their 3D tour. Wearing an interior designer’s hat, the buyers can actively participate in making necessary modifications.

With a virtual reality showroom, buyers can easily choose their dream log cabin. They can view the expected final appearance of the log cabin that they will have to assemble.