Robotnik extends product line with the new mobile robot RB-ROBOUT

Technological companies are always working to create cutting edge products that make productive processes easier. To improve the sector of goods transportation, Robotnik has extended its product line with the new mobile robot RB-ROBOUT.

If you want to know how this brand new robot can help you and your company, keep reading to discover all its features.

The features of the RB-Robout mobile robot

Not everything related to technology and transport is about autonomous driving, even though it is fair to say that this has been a huge advance for people and companies. 

The progresses in this area do not finish there and, for that reason, we are going to talk to you now about the new RB-ROBOUT. This robot is the latest novelty of Robotnik, a company dedicated to the manufacturing of mobile robots, mobile manipulators and industrial robotic applications.

Considered as a reference company in the area of robotics, Robotnik was set up in 2002 with the objective of innovating and developing mobile manipulators and also, engineering projects and R&D projects.

This new launch has become the perfect solution for the transportation industry, as this robot is able to carry heavy loads, up to 1 tonne in weight. Due to this feature, this mobile robot is an indispensable piece for factories or warehouses.

More features of the RB-ROBOUT by Robotnik

This indoor transport for the world of logistics is unique because of its ergonomic, low height and compact design. Besides, this robot is robust thanks to its design in steel, which makes possible its use transporting heavy loads from the platform.

In fact, the RB-ROBOUT can move about 1.000 kg of load, thanks to its four high power drive wheels and its omnidirectional kinematics. In addition, thanks to its low height this robot can place itself under the material trolley to pick up and transport the trolley to the destination point.

Another advantage and characteristic of this robot is their safety design, as it is equipped with safety lasers, which makes it possible that the robot is not a problem when it comes to sharing the working space with operators and obstacles.

In this way, this robot is completely autonomous and collaborative, optimising its trajectories and its operations. But probably, the main advantage of this robot is its easy control, thanks to its architecture based on ROS, which facilitates its use to any user.

A wide range of accessories to complement the performance of the RB-ROBOUTS

Not only does Robotnik put this cutting edge robot within your reach, but also the company does it with the possibility of getting other components and accessories to improve the work of this robot.

Among others, the technology company offers roller paths, conveyor belts, load elevators or pallets and box supports as well to complement its work loading and unloading heavy loads.

As you can see, artificial intelligence and robotics are revolutionising industries, including the world of transportation, thanks to the continuous technology developments.