Must-Have Skills For React Native Developer in 2024

Web and mobile apps are created by React Native programmers and developers using the React Native JavaScript framework. These skilled software engineers must write original code, combine pre-existing code to create new programmes, and construct user interfaces (UIs) with the JavaScript library. You may create a resume that will stand out to recruiters by learning about their duties and competencies. This will also help you recognise the position better. To assist you in better grasping the position, we clarify what a React Native developer is, discuss some necessary skills for these experts, outline their varied tasks, and discuss some resume-writing best practices.

What is React Native?

A JavaScript-based framework called React Native is used to create native mobile applications. For the Android and iOS operating systems. Facebook created it, and since then, developers have been able to produce incredibly powerful mobile apps that have the appearance and feel of native apps. Because React Native uses a single codebase, developers can write code only once and have it run on numerous platforms, which cuts down on both the time and cost of development. The framework is based on Facebook’s React JavaScript library, which offers an adaptable and effective method for controlling the user interface and interactions within mobile applications.

Key Skills for React Native Developers

The following abilities are necessary for React Native programmers to succeed in this role:

  • CSS and HTML

A framework for front-end development is called React JS. The captivating user interface of the app draws in users and entices them to interact with it. No matter what kind of company or software you are developing, every React JS developer has to be well-versed in HTML and CSS. When we talk about vast knowledge, we’re talking about more than just the fundamentals. While working on user interfaces and creating stunning online apps for enterprise-level businesses, every front-end developer is conversant with HTML and CSS. Few developers can deal with semantic HTML elements or CSS selectors, thus it is advantageous if the developer also understands border-box and flexbox.

  • Skills in analysis

Before developing apps, these developers may also assess the needs of businesses and consumers. They are able to deal with data and apply their analytical abilities to obtain insightful knowledge. In order to assist businesses in making wise decisions, these individuals are often very skilled at gathering and evaluating data. These abilities enable them to see patterns in codes rapidly and use those patterns to correct mistakes. They are also able to comprehend the processes involved in problem-solving and tailor their research for answers because of their good analytical thinking.

  • Scoping and Variables

Using the ‘var’ keyword for saving variables is standard procedure. However, the developer could go ahead of you if you utilise React. Choose keywords like “let” and “const.” with the aid of ES6. This suggests that when var is not needed, React developers should avoid using it.

  • Communication Skills

React while native programmers frequently operate alone, they can also cooperate with other developers. Their ability to communicate well enables them to clearly exchange ideas and opinions with other members of their team. They may adhere to an organization’s collaborative agile frameworks more easily with these abilities. They can listen intently, which helps them to efficiently take in information and react accordingly. They make use of their excellent communication skills while writing reports to make the content easier to understand for readers who are not technical. These developers use their ability to speak in front of an audience to create engaging presentations.

  • Objects and an Array

Resolving the issue of storing data and access simultaneously while using HTML might be difficult. It was challenging in the past, but it’s not so hard anymore. Accessing and altering data contained in arrays might be rather difficult, even if you have done it with ease. JavaScript has methods like “map,” “filter,” and “reduce” that you may use if you’re prepared to explore array strategies. With the help of this array pattern, users may store data in objects that facilitate simple data interaction. As a React developer, you need to understand how to modify an object’s value while also changing its property values.

  • Writing code as efficiently as feasible

Have you come across either the Google or Airbnb JS Style Guides? Do you know why it’s important to maintain the programme organised, tidy, and visible? When establishing projects, apps, and programmes, you should work with React Native Developers that know what beautiful code is and follow the guidelines.

  • Dependencies on Third Parties

Regarding frameworks for developing applications across many platforms, React Native may be the most well-known and popular. It might not have as many features as necessary, though. How are these issues resolved by developers? When React Native cannot add a functionality to an application, Third-Party Dependencies can be used with experience by React Native developers. Furthermore, cross-platform interaction may need an understanding of APIs!

  • Soft Skills

And lastly, all employees need to possess soft skills. To acquire the finest outcomes, you want React Native Developers to collaborate as a team. You can work with a React Native Developer who is skilled at communicating with superiors and coworkers and who knows how to articulate ideas.

The ability to solve problems is one of the most important soft talents. Problems might arise when writing code in React Native or any other programming language. Even when the programme is still in development, it cannot function properly and have errors. To get the greatest consumer reaction, you need to hire React Native Developers who can identify and fix faults.


There are several duties and considerations involved in hiring a react native developer. Select a response native production firm that you think would be a good fit for your business. It is not hard to discover the perfect React Native company with the required knowledge and skills, but it might be challenging. Using the aforementioned criteria, you can efficiently eliminate the unneeded companies and create a shortlist of the capable ones. You may identify the ideal developers for your company if you thoroughly go through the list.