Sony Bravia- Monolithic Design-2010

The revolution of televisions in the technical world has been huge in the last few years. From size to picture quality everything has evolved beyond imagination. Home theatres have flooded the markets to such an extent that flat screened picture tube televisions are now almost on the verge of becoming obsolete. Home theatres of different kinds, features and sizes have brought about a marked evolution in the vision of mankind.

At this juncture, Sony introduces its brand new model with all features any high definition television could ever have had. From picture quality nearly close to reality, sound quality that gives you Goosebumps and a sharp yet block like design is sure to rule the world high defined experience and vision. The look of the new model is a revolutionary design and a possession that brings an all new meaning to the term aesthetics. When turned on it works as a television through which you experience reality and life in each moment and when turned off it becomes an antique showpiece in itself that is sure to draw the attention of anything and anyone around. With a jet black shining look this new giant is the mother of all technologies.

Now you have all reasons to stay at home when entertainment is all that matters. Book your seat at the pavilion to cheer your favourite cricket team and enjoy it live only on your Sony television. Three dimensional sound effects are not restricted to multiplexes anymore. They are very much part of your life with your new television that provides audio quality that excite you to reality as well as soothe your ears to make your experience worth it. With your favourite actors home and your star players around your seriously have no reason to venture out in the Sunday afternoon. Just sit back and enjoy at home.
The most intriguing concept of this innovation is that it claims to be eco-friendly. High defined picture with reduced blur is no more associated with heavy electricity bills. The specially designed model consumes less power and also does not harm your ears and eyes resulting from continuous watching because of its automated eco-controlled system. The amazing sound quality helps you save on the expense of buying additional 3D speakers. So let energy flow with your new eco-friendly television and watch your surroundings brighten up your life.
This new television also caters to your networking needs by allowing you to connect your Sony gadgets with the television and browse through photos, songs, video clips. It also allows surfing when connected. All this happens simply through one remote controller making it an extremely user friendly device. You can fit your images on the television to sizes appropriate for your mood through one click on the remote controller.
So be ready this summer for your new revolution TV which gives you reality and not picture, sound and not noise, ambience and not discomfort. Be the artist and admire it as a piece of art otherwise!

Mozbot Team

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