The Android operating system has been provided with an open development platform which software developers can use to access the Android operating system framework, and develop software using the same. Software developers have access to the Android operating system, to create inventive and unique applications which could come of use to the users of the Android operating system, on their smart-phones. Software developers are given free rein to use the device hardware, run background checks, access local services, gather information, put in notifications and much more. Android also has a number of  C/C++ libraries like System C library, Media Libraries, Surface Manager, LibWebCore, SGL, 3-d Libraries, FreeType and SQLite. These libraries provide most of the native code of the Java programming language libraries. Finally, the Linux kernel of the Android operating system acts a bridge between the hardware and software. Android, the newest operating system for a mobile platform, is the latest in mobile communication. The Android operating system is based on the Linux kernel, and involves native program or source code writing in the Java programming language, which also includes, middleware and even a number of key applications. The numerous features of the Android operating system include the following: Multi-touch features, an Android Market, an Environment for development (which includes tools for debugging and enhancing performance, and various plug-in), Additional support for hardware, Java operating system support, Media support (Android supports a large number of file formats), amazing storage, connectivity, and other facilities. The Android operating system is indeed well equipped. Android enabled phones are by default equipped with a number of useful applications like an SMS client, a web browser, an electronic mail client, maps, GPS, Calendar, Contacts and others. All the applications are written using the Java programming language. The most unique features of the Android operating system are the Application Framework, Android Runtime, Linux Kernel and Libraries.

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