Samsung Monte: not an easy choice

It is definitely safe to say now that the touch screen millennium has arrived, at least by the looks of the way Samsung is manufacturing its handsets it looks like the touch screen models will never stop, and the most recent addition to the kitty is the Samsung Monte. Going just by the looks of the phone, this is definitely one of the most attractive ones that the company has churned out yet, it definitely looks the part of a high end fashion touch screen phone, but if you’re wondering whether it is also going to do all that it is being paid to do then it needs to also be examined more closely before the judgment is passed.

The screen of the phone is 3inches which is quite good enough considering that it runs on the TouchWiz interface that Samsung is so proud of, therefore as you can expect the phone gives more emphasis on its widgets and their use. The widgets that are already preloaded into this phone includes the popular ones such as YouTube and there is also one for BBC iPlayer as well, and of course the important shortcuts that you will need to reach the functions etc of the phone are also loaded.

You might also like the keyboard on the touch screen that you will get to use. The touch is pretty soft as you will find and there is also a heptic feedback present when you use certain keys, which means that you will feel a slight bit of a vibration when you touch these particular keys which is a good indicator that the job is done when you press the keys. The other thing that everyone is pleasantly surprised with is the camera that the phone uses; it is a 3.2 MP one and you would expect less especially since the camera comes without a flash, but the test photos actually turned out pretty good and you can even use the other camera that is present on the front of the phone which is mainly used for video calling and the likes, but this one works equally well too.

However on the downside there are some features that are not exactly attractive, for instance there have been complaints made about the constant crashing of the browser when you are using the internet, if you go online through your mobile a lot, this is one thing that you need to rethink before you purchase this phone. There is also the problem of the phone running on a software that is pretty slow. So basically depending on your kind of use and what you are comfortable with, you should decide to buy or not buy the phone.

Mozbot Team

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