The Xbox 360 games that have won public votes

Whether you are wondering which would be the best Xbox 360 game you’ve ever played or not there is no doubt that you would want to know which one has been voted as the best one around; just like everyone wants to know which film won the Oscars whether they really thought the film deserved it or not. Well, according to the viewers and the loyals of the best Xbox 360 game that has yet to be made is Mass Effect 2 and they might actually have hit the nail on the head as many game junkies believe.

The voting process according to the statements issued by the website was pretty clear and simple, they asked their visitors and members to vote for the game that they liked the best and the combined those results with their own expert opinion and came up with a list of the ten best Xbox 360 games ever played, where Mass Effect 2 tops the list for good reason. This sequel turned out to be a brilliant game treat with exciting characters and a great story line with a very cinema influenced quality to it. The adventure is made even better because of the improvements that have been made in the combat for the game.

Following up on the list, the game that won the second position for the best Xbox 360 games is Halo 3 ODST which is again a very popular sequel and a definite upgrade when compared to the others. Thinking about how popular the original and the following ones had been, a version that is even better can only be a game that is better than most other games. Fallout 3 is the next in line and definitely comes as no surprise as the game was already one of the best Xbox 360 games on other lists voted by gamers too. Whether it is the atmosphere of the drama or the huge world and the storyline it follows, this game came with a winning formula.

The next game, that came as the fourth best game on Xbox 360 is a game that many people will consider as one that a true gamer cannot do without- Orange Box. There is really not much more that can be said about the game except that it is an essential and is definitely a choice for the fourth position on the list that most Xbox 360 gamers will agree with.
The original Mass Effect has also managed to make it to the top five of this list, gaining the fifth position and there is really no need to list out the reasons why this game has received the honour of this position especially given that its sequel game is actually the number one!

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