IT finds a correlation to happiness

So, if the man in your life thinks that you are online all the time then you might be able to tell him now that you are scientifically inclined to and that you can’t really help it. Recent studies have shown that IT which basically stands for contact with any kind of technology and the biggest form of information technology at the moment is the internet, is actually directly linked to a person’s well being and this is more so in the case of a woman than a man. Constant access to this kind of IT actually directly makes a person feel that they have more control over their lives and their surroundings than they had before and this is especially useful for people who are economically crippled or even educationally crippled to feel this in any other way.

Psychologists also support this idea that women are more benefitted with this kind of a feeling than men are mainly because women are more open to communication than men are and they connect personally more than men, and so IT and the information that they can access through its means are more and its effects more far reaching where women are concerned. The sense of control over all kinds of information and also in one’s personal life is what reduces stress and adds to one’s happiness and well being and therefore this is something which is the direct result of interaction with the It sector for the normal person today.

So how is it exactly that the IT can bring about such well being and feeling of control over one’s surroundings? Mainly through the fact that it keeps all kinds of information open and within everyone’s reach and also the feature of letting everyone stay connected with everyone else who they know. Therefore, the feelings of security and power and also eliminating the sense of loneliness immediately contributes to the feeling of wellbeing that it brings about, and this is more so in the case of women because women connect with all these features personally and sensitively.

However of course there is also the counter argument where researchers claim that the IT industry has actually quickened the speed at which life is led that can only result in anxiety and allowing people no time to rest and enjoy life. However, the real question is whether the IT does manage to succeed in its ultimate goal of satisfying people’s need and interest in information.

Mozbot Team

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