The TV makeover

Have you heard about the most recent developments from the Intel front? The company is actually planning on launching their new set of Atom Processors that can actually be used in a variety of different devices which includes the TV too which might very well become the one where this processor is going to be used most. With the introduction of this technology into televisions, there will be no reason to not call them “Smart TV’s” because ultimately they will be just that as they will be fully programmable and can be personalized by the user just as they please. In fact, one can only wonder now how much the world is going to change with this advent of the smart TV, a revolution it is definitely going to be and if all goes well it will be a revolution in the lines of the way color TVs were when Black and White TVs were ruling the scene.

This technology that Intel will be adding to the television will be one that will allow the TV to be programmed using a certain kind of an operating system and not only that but developers will also be able to add features and different applications to the system adding to why the TV will be prepared to be called “Smart”! The ordinary televisions that we all have at home is supposed to have only about a million code lines that support the entire system and keep it functioning, the new and improved smart TVs that are going to of course take up the world by storm will have ten times the same number of codes which only means that the device’s capabilities will increase by that number and the computing performance of the TV will also therefore triple itself- the TV addict can only wait for these televisions to be released. The prospect sure sounds promising.

Intel claims that these TVs will be available to be bought within a year which means that by the end of this year the television revolution would have commenced and all the programmed features added to the device. From working with Flash to being able to support Open GL graphics, these televisions will literally have it all- they might even have protection systems built in for the content inside the device- another very attractive feature about these smart TVs.
One can only now wait and watch to see what Intel truly churns out and whether they will be sticking to this promise of bringing about a revolution in terms in of the reinvented TV.

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