Nintendo 3DS Rundown: All The Pre-Reveal System Information

Nintendo's new 3D gaming system will be unveiled next month.

The Nintendo DS has enjoyed extended success as one of the world’s most popular and critically acclaimed gaming consoles. The small, innovative, and relatively inexpensive dual-screen gaming platform has sold over 125 million units worldwide, bringing in huge amounts of revenue for Nintendo and cementing their position as the world’s most popular and influential gaming company.

Now in its third form – the DSi and larger DSi XL – the DS’s sales show no signs of slowing down, even with the new model looming on the horizon. Nintendo’s announcement of a new DS console was met with excitement around the gaming world, and when details of the device’s new 3D touchscreen display emerged, gamers grew even more fascinated with the upcoming mobile gaming device.

With Nintendo’s history of innovation behind them, we’re sure that this device is going to be a stellar example of gaming done right. Current reports state that the device delivers full 3D gaming without any need for glasses or external display aides – a first for the gaming industry.

Before the new DS is formally announced and unveiled at this year’s E3 Expo, feast on the information we’ve dug up and ready your gaming savings account, since this one looks to be a true technological masterwork:


Like the previous DS and the current DSi, the new 3DS is likely to use a touchscreen for its major control system. The original DS pioneered touch controls for gaming, which have since been refined by Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. Insiders at Nintendo and in the gaming press report that the system will likely include multi-touch style functions similar to those found on an iPhone, but with Apple’s patent it seems unlikely that the exact technology will be used.

It’s been reported that the device will include accelerometer functions similar to those found in the Wii or iPhone. Nintendo’s response appears to be affirmative – the device is likely to incorporate tilt and movement-based controls, although with functionality far beyond that found in the iPhone or other tilt-enabled portable devices.

Backwards Compatibility:

Just like the DS offered backwards compatibility with Game Boy games, current reports on the upcoming 3DS all mention the device’s ‘compatible cart’ gaming storage system. While Nintendo have historically been slow to act when it comes to online storage and sharing, we believe this could be the turning point – expect online gaming and downloadable titles soon.

Price and Availability:

Unfortunately, official information regarding the device’s price is thin and inconclusive. Reports suggest that the 3DS will be available at a similar retail price to the original DS, and it certainly makes sense from a sales perspective. Nintendo’s consoles have historically been priced quite similarly – the Wii was the only console to break the $199 barrier – and it seems certain the 3DS will follow the same path.

As for availability, it’s unlikely that the device will be available before 2011. Nintendo themselves have set a target of “during the March 2011 fiscal year,” making an early 2011 release a valid possibility.

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