Panasonic SC-BT 330: A pretty good lifestyle cinema system for your home

If you are looking for a home cinema system in your home that is going to look so good that it might make the room shake, then the new Panasonic SC-BT330 might just be the right system for your home, but as far as getting yourself a system that is going to make the room shake with the brilliant sound quality it produces this is not exactly the system for that.

Looking quite like the usual Blue Ray decks, this unit is made of glossy black that adds to its aesthetic appeal. However, one can also not complain about the excellent features that this system commands, which includes things like a 5.1 system of speakers with a virtual surround sound that is 7.1. Not only that, but it also has the optional feature of being able to upgrade your rear speakers to Wi Fi speakers and the system also commands a great quality HDMI.

As mentioned before, the system does look neat and great- with think and tall speakers with a side firing sub and the rear speakers are the shelf kinds which adds to the overall simple style of the system. You will also be able to use the iPod dock that is present under a flap on the upper side of the unit.

As far as the visuals are concerned, the system does command the usual expected blue deck brilliance that will definitely make the unit very attractive to the ordinary consumer eye. The system uses a 4:4:4 technology that produces picture quality that is beautiful as well as detailed  for blue ray discs and for the usual DVDs too the visuals be better here than ever on an ordinary DVD player.

However, as mentioned before the sound quality of the system is actually not as excellent as the image quality of this lifestyle system is nor as good as it looks. However, for the casual user who needs this kind of a system purely for general entertainment sake which of course what the whole system is all about- this sound quality hitch can definitely be overlooked. The best path to take when you are playing something on the system is to just use the high definition audio for the unit that will produce the best quality sound for you.

As an over all verdict, it can be safely said that this home cinema unit is good to look at with excellent visual quality but the sound quality is only average.

Mozbot Team

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